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4 Brown & Sharpe Bestest indicator
5 Blake Co-Ax indicator
7 Calibration procedures: Do it yourself
9 Contact us at Long Island Indicator Service
10 Correx gram force gage
14 Dial indicator brand comparison
16 Etalon indicating micrometers, dial micrometer
17 Dial indicator contact point — Round ball contact: cupped style in carbide, ruby, Nylon or Teflon
18 Credit card submission by secure server
21 Interapid test indicator contact points
22 Interapid IRA2 hole and groove comparator
23 Interapid test indicator
24 Mitutoyo spherical steel contact points
25 Contact point converter (adapter) inch 4-48 and metric M2.5
26 Sales terms
27 Index of topics
30 Repair service
35 Tesatast test indicator
36 Test indicator accessories: stems and holders
37 Test indicator brand name comparison
38 Dial indicator contact point with exposed carbide or ruby ball
47 Dial indicator contact point with flat carbide or nylon surface
51 Common radius dial indicator contact point
52 Contact point length extensions
57 Barcor chamfer gage
58 Measuring rods for caliper and micrometer calibration
63 Interapid contact point installation: What you must not do
65 Carbide needle contact points for dial indicators
66 Button contact point for dial indicators
67 Flat button contact point for dial indicators
68 Flat disc contact point for dial indicators (Mitutoyo style)
69 What you should know about Test Indicator Contact Points
71 Spherical carbide tipped contact point for dial or digital indicators
72 Spare parts lists
74 BesTest and Tesatast indicator parts list (horizontal model)
75 B&S / Tesa / Etalon dial caliper parts list
77 Compac test indicator series 210 and 220 parts list
79 Bent hardened steel AGD contact point
88 Interapid test indicator parts list
89 Tapered needle contact points (Mitutoyo style)
92 Packing List
93 Mitutoyo test indicator — Truetest model with slanted dial
95 Knife-edge carbide tipped contact point (Mitutoyo style)
96 Make your own indicator contact point with machinable steel
103 Brown & Sharpe dial calipers
108 Compac metric test indicator
110 Blake Co-Ax center locating indicator: Contact points
113 Pin vise for dial indicator contact points
114 Federal style contact points for Group 0 dial indicators with 0-80 threads
117 Starrett 711 Last Word indicator
118 Conical steel contact points with 60° and 90° angles
119 Roller point in hardened steel, stainless steel, and Teflon
120 Adapt-A-Tip contact point converter
122 Mitutoyo test indicator — standard model
123 Overstock sale items
133 Dial indicator contact points AGD and M2.5
134 Fractional steel ball contact points
141 Flat hardened steel contact point
146 Brown & Sharpre Micromaster Digital Micrometer
152 Crystal / Bezel diameter: How to measure an indicator bezel
167 How to read the graduations on indicator dials
173 Dial Caliper Depth Base Attachment Swiss Brown & Sharpe, TESA, Etalon "T-Bar"
178 *Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators* — 2020 Edition
186 Mitutoyo test indicator contact points
191 Interapid test indicator repair service
192 Shipping and handling information
199 Starrett Last Word indicator repair manual
201 Test Indicators: What can go wrong?
205 Compac test indicator contact point
218 Bestest and Tesatast contact points
230 Extra long (5.5") contact point for Interapid indicators
231 Starrett Last Word indicator: how to install the contact point
233 Crystal insertion for indicators and dial calipers

The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

Long Island Indicator Service
Long Island Indicator Service was founded in 1960. We provide professional repair service for precision measuring tools and gages with an emphasis on Swiss made test indicators, dial indicators, dial calipers and micrometers. We are pleased to be a recognized service partner for Brown & Sharpe.

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