Mitutoyo Test Indicator

New models with one revolution


The basic set (E) with a 3/8" stem attachment.

One revolution standard test indicators—without the tilted face and dial—are the most popular and best selling indicators in the US. They are also a real bargain when you get right down to it.

New features for 2017: better scratch resistance on crystal, more durable bezel, and the proper contact point length is printed right on the dial. These new models will have the suffix -10 added to the model number. But here is our favorite new feature: the indicator consist of just 4 assemblies and if a repair is needed, you can simply buy the entire new movement, new head assembly, crystal or (even) body. You will no longer have to install gears or springs. You will still need some tools, a steady hand and mechanical know-how.

But, because of the low price, they could be considered "throw-away" indicators. When they break down, just toss and replace. Excellent for the factory or shop where they are used by the dozens, if not hundreds.
Mitutoyo test indicator full set with extra points and holders

Full set (T) also includes .157" diameter stem attachment, swivel clamp, 4" long holding bar as well as 1 mm and 3 mm diameter carbide ball contact points.

They are also a good bargain when treated with a little bit of respect although they are a poor comparison to their European counterparts, when you start to examine their construction. Yes, the bezel and crystal can be easily replaced but because they are all plastic to begin with, they will break, crack or come undone much more frequently than the sturdier, more permanent designs of other brands. Note: the manufacturer has chosen to use epoxy to keep some parts in place, including the contact point! It may be hard to unscrew your old point if you want to replace it.

  • easy to replace crystal and bezel assembly
  • excellent repeatability and accuracy
  • .0005" models are accurate to ± one graduation
  • .0001" models are accurate to ± one graduation
  • sturdy, oversized ball bearings are rarely damaged (based on repair reports)
  • serial number and scan image printed on the dial face
  • basic set includes one 3/8" diameter stem attachment
Inch Range Point Length Dial Milutoyo US$
.0005" .03" 19.9 mm 0-15-0 513-402-10 basic set (E) check
.0005" .03" 33.9 mm 0-15-0 513-412-10 basic set (E) check
.0005" .03" 19.9 mm 0-15-0 513-402-10 full set (T) check
.0005" .03" 33.9 mm 0-15-0 513-412-10 full set (T) check
.0001" .008" 15 mm 0-4-0 513-403-10 basic set (E) check
.0001" .008" 15 mm 0-4-0 513-403-10 full set (T) check

What's new in the 2017 models?

It's been 20 years since Mitutoyo updated their test indicators. These will be the models with -10 and -16 suffixes. Here are some noteworthy changes introduced in 2017:

  1. Indicators come with a certificate of calibration which is NIST traceable.
  2. The spanner nut appears to be recessed but this is because there is now an opening in the cover plate. Once you remove the body cover (4 phillips screws) you can get at, and remove, the ball bearing spanner without any problems.
  3. The cover can now be removed without affecting any internal gears.
  4. The plastic underside of the dial assembly is now solid and it is less apt to collect dirt or grime.
  5. The dial assembly remains the same.
  6. The contact point length is clearly shown on the dial face.
  7. The bezel appears to rotate more smoothly.
  8. The movement jewels are synthetic sapphire.
  9. The plastic bezel-crystal assembly runs on an o-ring and is easily replaced without tools.
  10. The bezel-crystal assembly is just slightly taller giving the instrument an overall gawkier look.

internal movement of the Mitutoyo test indicator

Mitutoyo borrowed the design of the Swiss BesTest indicator by installing a single unit, removable movement which is available as a replacement part, potentially making repairs easy. However, individual parts may not be available.

Q: I'm trying to move the contact point to a different angle. Do I just push it or do I have to loosen the nut?

  • Don't loosen the nut! That's the ball bearing and it has been carefully adjusted by the manufacturer. Use your thumb to move the contact point.
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The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

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