Long Island Indicator Service

Long Island Indicator Service

14 Sarah Drive
Hauppauge NY 11788

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Our phone number on Long Island is 1-631-265-9357 but if you give us a call you will find yourself listening to a message that says we can't answer the phone.

It's the truth. We are a (very) small family business, third generation, and we receive so many calls that we would have to hire additional staff and we can't afford that. As a result, we ask you to
send us an e-mail instead.

If you are specific with your inquiry, then we can answer the emails quite quickly. You will get expedited service if you use our e-mail to contact us.

Contacting us is easy.

Please email any inquiries.

We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


Before you send anything, please check our
repairs page for details about what we can and can't do. You will also find our pricing, turn-around time, and other details.


Purchases of new calipers, micrometers, dial indicators and spare parts can be made at any time. Place your order for parts or new tools directly online from this web site.

  • Contact us if your business requires you to use a purchase order. There is a minimum of $95 per purchase order.

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The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

Long Island Indicator Service
Long Island Indicator Service was founded in 1960. We provide professional repair service for precision measuring tools and gages with an emphasis on Swiss made test indicators, dial indicators, dial calipers and micrometers. We are pleased to be a recognized service partner for Brown & Sharpe.

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