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Shipping and Handling

Spare Parts

We're going to charge $15.00 for shipping and handling on all orders even if you request shipping on your FedEx or UPS collect account.

C.O.D. is currently not an option.

Lower value parcels or those shipping to residential addresses may be sent Priority Mail. Please let us know if you have a preference. Many on-line parts orders ship in 1-2 days.

We will restrict our sales of spare parts as of January 2019. Only Brown & Sharpe and Mitutoyo test indicator and dial indicator parts will be available for purchase.

Orders totaling less than $100 will have to be placed online. We will not accept P.O.s for lower values.

Shipping, handling and insurance

Shipping and handling for repairs and new tool purchases varies based on weight, destination and method.

It is to your advantage to provide us with a UPS collect account number. This way, the shipping costs will be billed to you directly by UPS. You may be getting a better discount from UPS than we do, plus our shipping and handling costs will be higher if they're added to your invoice.

Return packages will NOT be insured unless you request otherwise. You may have your own insurance coverage, for example. When you use your own UPS collect account, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.

It is to your disadvantage to request FedEx shipping since we do not have daily pick up. Your FedEx shipments will be delayed up to 7 days as a result.

Returns of items not repaired

If an instrument is beyond repair or you request the return of a not repaired gage, we may ask to use your UPS collect account. These items will not be insured. In the event that the package is lost in transit we will not be held responsible for the cost of a replacement.

International Shipments

We do not ship internationally. We may be able to accept international orders as long as the shipping address is in the States. Our major suppliers have dealers throughout the world and it would be prudent to find someone close to home.

Other carriers: FedEx and DHL

Be advised that, if you want us to use your FedEx or DHL account, there will be shipping delays since we do not have daily pick up with these carriers.

The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

Long Island Indicator Service
Long Island Indicator Service was founded in 1960. We provide professional repair service for precision measuring tools and gages with an emphasis on Swiss made test indicators, dial indicators, dial calipers and micrometers. We are pleased to be a recognized service partner for Brown & Sharpe.

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