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Test Indicator Holders and Attachments

Test indicator accessories and holders made in Switzerland for Bestest, Interapid, Compac, P-Line, Tesatast and all other high quality test indicators.

We are pleased to offer you the following selection of top-quality Swiss-made test indicator holders and attachments. If you've been burned by cheap holders that won't fit, you'll appreciate these holders made by Tesa in Switzerland.

Although specifically designed for Bestest, Interapid, Compac and Tesatast indicators, these holders and attachments will work with any manufacturer's indicator that has a dovetail.

Swiss stem attachment – fixed or swivel style

Swiss quality and design made by TESA: attaches to the dovetail portions of all your test indicators. The stem portion can then be attached to any number of fixtures and holders. The swivel holder, with a 15mm long stem, shown below, rotates freely (±30°) in all directions until tightened into the desired position. It can be used on any brand of indicator that has dovetails (Mitutoyo, Starrett, Bestest, Interapid, etc.) including generic low cost indicators.

  • These are the best quality stems available.
  • Fixed stems are similar but do not swivel.
  • Click on a linked order number below to purchase online.
TESA No. Compac No. Ø Style US$
01840107 (18.40107) TA6 5/16" fixed 31.00
01850106 (18.50106) TMA4 1/4" 30° swivel inquire
01840109 (18.40109) T4 4 mm fixed 31.00
01840107 (18.40107) T8 8 mm fixed 31.00
01840408 (18.40408) TM4 4 mm 30° swivel 50.00
01840409 (18.40409) TM8 8 mm 30° swivel 50.00

Brown & Sharpe Universal Dovetail Attachment
Brown & Sharpe 599-7054 universal dovetail attachment fits any test indicator with dovetails such as BesTest, Interapid, Compac and Mitutoyo. The 1/4" diameter shank swivels until the knurled nut is tightened. Length of shank is 2-1/2" from the end to the center of the ball.

B&S 599-7054 … $55.00

Angle Holder
Cylindrical shank allows test indicators to be held at right angles. The thumb screw tightens down onto an 8mm or 3/8" stem attachment on your indicator. Made in Switzerland by Tesa.

Test indicator angle holder

8mm diameter x 25mm long (bore = 8mm) 01840406 (TESA 18.40406) ... $98.00
3/8" diameter x 1" long (bore = 3/8") B&S 599-7043 (TESA 18.50406) ... $112.00

Dovetail shank (fixed stem)

These non-swiveling stems attach to any dovetail on any brand test indicator. There's a screw slot on the end of the stem. Turning this with a standard screwdriver will tighten the stem onto the dovetail. Swiss-made by TESA for the BesTest indictor.

dovetail shank
Order No. Dimensions List Price (US$)
01840104 (18.40104) Ø 4 mm x 12 mm 51.00
01840105 (18.40105) Ø 8 mm x 12 mm 35.50
599-7052 (18.50104) Ø 7/32" x .5" 35.50
599-7053 (18.50105) Ø 1/4" x .5" 35.50

Rectangular or cylindrical shank

This indispensable universal holder for lathes and height gages has been newly redesigned by the manufacturer. They replace the former Compac model SP and SPA holder. The rectangular or cylindrical shank attaches firmly to any dovetail (any manufacturer) and then clamps into the tool post holder or into the height gage. The indicator can swivel into many positions and then stays securely fixed when the knob is tightened. It will also accommodate a dial indicator with a standard 3/8" diameter stem. It's also an ideal way to calibrate both your test and dial test indicators when used with a height gage and some gage blocks. Order one shank (rectangular or cylindrical) and one clamp shown below. Swiss-made by TESA.

rectangular shank
Works in conjunction with a clamp. Order the items separately from the list below. The clamp attaches to any dovetail. The rectangular or cylindrical shank fits into the 5.6mm diameter hole on the clamp (shown below). Tightening the knob will tighten both the rectangular shank and the dovetail at once.
Order No. Type Dimensions US$
01850203 (599-7047) rectangular 1/2" x 1/4" x 3" long 40.00
01850202 (18.50202) cylindrical Ø 3/8" x 3.5" long 43.00

Test Indicator Holding Clamp

Test indicator clamp with small hole = 5.6mm for rectangular and cylindrical shanks (shown above) and large hole = 3/8" for indicator. Will also fit the dovetails on any manufacturer's indicators. Can be disassembled into components.
test indicator holding clamp
TESA holding clamp 01860401 (B&S number: 599-7045-1) ... $50.00

Interapid Indicator Swivel Holder

This versatile Swiss-made mounting stem (axial support) shown in the diagram above is 5-1/4" long and swivels at two points. The two joints allow for multiple positioning. One end has the dovetail attachment and an opening for the Interapid 4mm stem. An allen wrench (not supplied) is used to tighten the clamp. The other end has a mounting rod which can be gotten in two different diameters.

A note of interest: there is a limited swivel of about 20% between the two leftmost joints on this holder. If you're at all handy with a Dremel and an abrasive sanding drum, you can modify the corners of these joints to give you complete side-to-side swivel.
Interapid axial support indicator holder
Interapid swivel holder

3/8" Ø rod (74.106931) 074106931 ... $118.00
8 mm Ø rod (74.106026) 074106026 ... $121.00

Stem Adapter for 8 mm stems
This metal sleeve will fit over your 8 mm diameter indicator stem so that you can hold it with a 3/8" clamp or holder. Some of the best quality dial indicators only come with metric dimensions, so this adapter will be an absolute necessity if you're working in an imperial environment. Swiss made.
Stacks Image 280

8 mm to 3/8" adapter 03560101 (35.60101) ... $22.60

Stem Adapter for 4 mm stems
Interapid indicators come with a 4 mm diameter stem attached to the end of the instrument. This elegant Swiss-made sleeve, shown in the photo above, will fit over the stem so that you can attain different diameters. You can use this adapter on any 4 mm stem–Interapid or otherwise–to increase its diameter. The choices are:
Metric to inch reducing sleeve adapter

3/8" adapter (74.108943) 074108943 ... $29.60
8 mm
adapter (74.108942) 074108942 … $31.00

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The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

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