Long Island Indicator Service


Attachments for test indicators — stem holders, etc.


Barcor chamfer gage made in U.S.A.
BesTest Brown & Sharpe test indicator
Blake Co-Ax center aligning indicator made in U.S.A.


Compac Swiss metric test indicator
Contact points
Correx gram force gage (dynamometer) sales
Cosine error — How to compensate for larger measuring angles
Crystal installation


Depth base attachment for Brown & Sharpe calipers
Dial calipers: Brown & Sharpe
Dial indicator brand comparison
Dovetail attachments for test indicators


Holders for lathes, turning and centering holders
How To: read the dials on indicators (page 167)


Indicating micrometer (Etalon dial micrometer, indicator micrometer) repair

Interapid test indicator repair and sales
Interapid IRA2 hole and groove comparator


Last Word Indicator (Starrett 711)


Measuring rods for micrometer and caliper caliration
Metric test indicators (Compac) best quality made in Switzerland
Micromaster Brown & Sharpe digital micrometer



Sales Terms
Spare parts lists
Starrett Test Indicators
Stem adapter 3/8" reduction sleeve
Stem attachments for test indicators


The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

Long Island Indicator Service
Long Island Indicator Service was founded in 1960. We provide professional repair service for precision measuring tools and gages with an emphasis on Swiss made test indicators, dial indicators, dial calipers and micrometers. We are pleased to be a recognized service partner for Brown & Sharpe.

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