Mitutoyo Truetest Test Indicator

The dial hand (pointer) always moves in the clock-wise direction and it has a starting point just to the left of zero; about 11 o'clock. (The Interapid indicators, in comparison, have a hand that is set to 12 o'clock and the hand will move both clockwise and counterclockwise.)
With slanted dial and long range / multiple revolutions

Mitutoyo slanted dial test indicator with .080" diameter carbide contact point installed is an excellent choice for all precision measurement.

These popular light weight Japanese imports have the same slanted (tilted) dial which Swiss-made Interapid indicators have been known for since the 1950's. They also make two revolutions in either direction from zero giving them a longer range than the standard indicators.

A serial number and scan image is conveniently printed on the dial face for ISO, inventory, and calibration records control.
Mitutoyo test indicator with extra points and holder

A one-piece plastic bezel and crystal is easy to replace by the end-user when it's damaged. Unlike many other indicators, no special tools will be required. These indicators are accurate and respond very well.

This great starter set Includes the Mitutoyo test indicator with 20° slanted dial plus

  • 2 mm diameter (.080") carbide installed
  • one 3/8" diameter dovetail stem (removable)
  • three dove tails permanently mounted on the body
  • box
  • certificate of calibration
  • dial color: see below
  • accuracy: ±.0005" on the .0005" models
  • accuracy: ±.0002" on the .0001" models
Mitutoyo test indicator profile view

It is important to note that unlike the Interapid indicator these do not require the 13 degree contact point angle when taking measurements. Keep the contact point as close to parallel to the surface of the measured piece as you possibly can.

What do the Letters mean?

Inch model E includes:
  • 3/8" mounting stem
  • 2 mm diameter carbide contact point (installed)
Inch model T includes:
  • 3/8" mounting stem
  • 1 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm diameter carbide contact point
  • swivel clamp #900322
  • holding bar #900306
  • 4 mm mounting stem
Graduations Range Dial color Contact point length Current Model No. US$
.0005" .06" white .78" 513-442-10E check
.0005" .06" white 1.33" 513-446-10E check
.0001" .06" white .59" 513-443-10E check
.0005" .06" black .78" 513-442-16 check
.0005" .06" black 1.33" 513-446-16 check
.0001" .06" black .59" 513-443-16 check

Can they be repaired?

Essentially: no. In a surprising move, Mitutoyo has reduced the number of repair parts to the barest minimum. Even more surprising, Mitutoyo has made these parts difficult to obtain. Only 10 parts make up the entire gage. You can easily replace the crystal (if you can get it) since it is part of the bezel assembly that just snaps in place. If anything else is damaged you simply replace the dial movement or the body movement. We no longer have the option of separately replacing hair springs or ball bearings.
More About Test Indicators

The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

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