Metric & Inch Point Converters

schematic of contact point converter

The male end (on the right) screws into the indicator spindle. Make sure you select the correct thread size.

Use the converter when you can't find the point you want with the correct thread. If the carbide tipped spherical size you need is only available with M2.5 threads, but you have AGD 4-48 indicators, that's when you need the converter.

You can use the 4-48 contact points with your metric M2.5 indicators or vice versa if you use these simple converters. The male end will screw into the indicator spindle. The contact point will screw into the female end of the converter. The converter is 8 mm long (L) and has a diameter of 5 mm.

We also offer some less common converters. These would be the exception, not the rule.

Contact point end Spindle end Order No. Mitutoyo No. Price US$
female 4-48 male M2.5 MTC13-02 21AAA012 14.50
female M2.5 male 4-48 MTC13-01 21AAA011 14.50
female M2.0 male 4-48 MTC13-15 15.00
female M1.7 male 4-48 MTC13-03 15.00
female M1.4 male 4-48 MTC13-04 15.00
female 4-48 male 8-36 MTC13-16 19.00
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The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

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