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Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator

Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator
An American original
New Last Word indicators can be bought from any Starrett distributor and most catalogs carry them. There are numerous variations all having to do with the kinds of attachments that come with the indicators. The ABC part of the Starrett number alludes to these attachments. Darn if we can figure it out but a careful study of their catalog should shed some light on things. We are certain that the letter "Z" means the indicator comes in a storage box and these are usually red in color and have spaces for you to store the other attachments.

The numbering code for Starrett Last Word indicators:

  • A = universal shank PT07103A complete with long and short arm PT07104F
  • B = gooseneck shank PT07107A
  • C = all attachments included plus 3 steel (chrome plated) contact points
  • M = 0.01 mm (metric indicator)
  • P = universal friction holder with shank PT13175
  • S = most likely indicates that this is a set with some sort of attachment(s) included
  • Z = storage case


According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of the Last Word 711 indicator is ±.0005" (though this rather significant detail is omitted in the Starrett catalog).

.001" vs .0005": They're the same indicator but have different dials. The .0005" dial is simply subdivided into smaller units. Both indicators have the same accuracy. You can mentally subdivide the .001" or you can have the dial changed on your old indicator when you send it for repair.

Starrett No. Graduations Attachments
711LCSZ .0005" included check price and availability
711FSC .0005" with body clamp only check price and availability
711HSAZ .0005" fewer included check price and availability
711FSAZ .001" with magnetic base check price and availability
711MGCSZ 0,01 mm all included check price and availability

Body Clamp

The body clamp will slip over the indicator's body with considerable friction, to keep it in place. You will then be able to clamp it to any rod between 1/8" and 1/4" in diameter, using the thumb screw.

  • PT07101F Body Clamp Complete (includes the thumb screw)


Long and short arm



Starrett 711EA Universal Friction Holder with Shank for 711 Series Last Word Dial Test Indicators, 3/16" Dia.

  • 711EA Universal Friction Holder


Open End Wrench

In order to tighten the universal friction holder into the body, you will need a 5/16" or 8 mm open-end wrench.



Starrett PT07107A Gooseneck Shank for Last Word Dial Test Indicators

Some notes about using your Last Word indicator

How to change the contact point: swivel the clip, which holds the contact point, using a small screw driver instead of your finger nails. Position the new contact point and swivel the clip back into place. Starrett model 711 Last Word indicators have a contact point which swivels on a ratchet. Sometimes the ratchet doesn't fit well and the contact point will cause the lever arm to jam. You'll have to try another contact point. Sometimes the pivot screw protrudes too much and rubs against the contact point. Again, try another point until one fits. For proper operation make sure the reversing lever is fully engaged up or down and that the contact point is properly seated in the ratchet.

How to change the crystal on the Last Word indicator: remove the chrome bezel by prying it off with a screw driver and replace the crystal. If your old indicator still has a wire spacer, throw the wire away. The new crystals don't need this spacer. A pair of jeweler's pliers will help you squeeze the bezel back into place.

If the indicator hand jumps on a regular basis, try de-magnetizing the indicator. If you don't already have one, a small demagnetizer can be bought from most supply catalogs. Spinning objects and motors can induce magnetic fields in the indicator. If magnetic fields are a problem in your shop environment it may be best to switch to a non-magnetic indicator. Mitutoyo, Bestest, Compac and Interapid are all suitable alternatives.

If the indicator hand hangs up on occasion, just tap the indicator and the hand will probably return to its normal setting. Don't let this upset you if it happens only occasionally. We're talking Starrett here.
Repairs of the Last Word 711 indicator can be surprisingly tricky because new parts don't always fit as well as they should. You should be prepared to make minor alterations from time to time.

How old is my Last Word indicator?

It's a valid question since they've been around for over 100 years. Maybe you found one at a garage sale or in your granddad's attic.
The exact age can't be determined because Last Word indicators have changed very little over the years. They did, however, go through several stages with distinct characteristics.
Old model Last Word indicators had slanted ends
Among the oldest models you will find that the end of the body was slanted (see photo). This is probably pre-1960. Subsequent models have ends which are squared off.
Old model Last Word indicator dial
The oldest models also had dials which lacked the yellow band along the right hand side, as seen in current models. You will see .001" written as 1/1000" on the dials (see photo). Keep in mind, your indicator may have been repaired at some time and the dial may have been changed to the new style.

We can't always afford what we want. That's why there are other options.

The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

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