Brown & Sharpe / TESA / Etalon dial caliper parts

Spare parts for current model 6", 8", 12" and 150 mm dial calipers "made in Switzerland". This includes the TESA and Etalon dial calipers, all made by the same manufacturer.

Brown & Sharpe dial caliper models:

  • 599-579-4 (white dial)
  • 599-579-5 (black dial)
  • 599-579-8-1
  • 599-579-8-5-1
  • 599-579-12-1
  • 599-579-12-5-1
  • 599-579-14 (metric)

Select caliper spare parts are now available online.

  • Note: Spare parts sales are final. We can not give refunds or make exchanges. Order carefully!

  • Note: the caliper body (the jaws and the beam) is not available as a spare part.

Dwg B&S No. Part TESA No. US$
2 99-579-111 set screw with pivot 008148
3 99-579-109-1 stop plate (will also work on old 579-2 models) 033762
6 gib stripe (replaces 027972 and 019190) see notes 034121
7 99-579-50 metal housing with bezel only* 027963
8 99-579-27 slide lock screw (old #019189) 027915
9 99-579-31 crystal 35.3 mm Ø for current models (see notes) 019571 16.95
10 99-579-26 crystal spacing ring, white 019570 10.95
10 99-579-70 crystal spacing ring, black 028705 10.95
11 99-579-61 wavy spring for under the dial 027393 10.95
12 99-579-55 dial for 599-579-4 (white) 6", 8", and 12" 047289
13 99-579-14 hand, black 019569
13 99-579-72 hand, orange 028704 n/a
15 99-579-59 6" scale with adhesive 027976 24.95
18 99-579-28 replaced by item 20 (019583) n/a
19 99-579-11 movement, inch n/a
20 99-572-75 new screw, base plate (see notes) 019583
21 99-579-46 center pinion for metric models 025364
22 99-572-53-1 anti-shock assembly, inch models 019912 45.00
27 99-579-38 anti-backlash assembly (plastic) for inch models 022150
28 99-572-77 spring, anti-backlash 019573
29 99-572-87 anti-backlash pinion assembly replaced by item 27
30 99-579-19 anti-backlash gear (plastic) replaced by item 27
32 99-572-79 movement (base plate) screw M1,2 019801
34 99-579-73 black plastic socket (one piece) 027981 12.95
X 599-578-9999 wooden box for all 6" dial calipers
X thumb roller for Etalon models 046576


Screw #20 used to be shorter than screw #18, just as you see in the drawing at the top. The new models have done away with this short screw and now use the larger screw in its place. You can retrofit without problems.

* the metal housing with bezel does not include the plastic sockets. The bezel is already mounted as is the bezel lock screw. Sockets will have to be ordered separately, if needed.

* if you replace the rack, you will also have to replace the adhesive scale (#26).

* four plastic sockets are used in assembling this gage. The central openings may be oblong or round. These sockets are often destroyed in the process of disassembly and will need to be replaced.

Gib stripe, the coppery metal strip is now used in place of the two former parts (the black plastic strip and the spring metal strip). You will only need one gib. We don't know why B&S chose to call it a "stripe".
Crystal replacement for current models (be sure you have the model number correct): the old crystals (clear plastic) could be removed with a simple tool that acts like a suction cup but in our experience this seldom works. You may have no other choice but to break the crystal in order to remove it. You can improvise other methods but you're likely to cause damage. If the bezel is still round and in very good condition, you can probably just press the new crystal in place using your thumbs. If the bezel is dented or bent out of shape, then it's best to leave this to someone with the right tools.

* Crystals for the older 599-579-12 calipers are no longer available. We do not have any substitutes.

* Obsolete model 579-1 uses [crystal number 39-1/2](

* Older Etalon models, with 35.5 mm bezel opening will use crystal BS 579-2. This crystal is no longer available from us.

* Older B&S model 599-579-2 calipers will use the BS 579-2 crystal which can usually be pressed in place without any tools. This crystal is no longer available from us.

The "other" Swiss indicator still made in Switzerland.

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