"I turn to your poems and they make me think, ponder, digest, think some more, smile and smile and nod too. It's as if you and your singular voice are sitting right beside me. Oh, what a comfort." —Janelle Palma

I watched you grow up from age 18 til now, but my question is "When did you gain so much maturity?" It has probably always been there but we always spent so much time storytelling, catching up and laughing that I never saw it coming.—Carol Lucha Burns



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The Zwerglipatch Diaries by John Wm Garand

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 2 (January 2008–February 2009)

Gracious Aloha

Volume 2 of the Zwerglipatch Diaries was written in 2008-2009 and follows us to Nassau, Bahamas and San Juan, Puerto Rico where we try our hand at watercolors. The only fly in the ointment: we didn't have any yellow!

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volumes 3, 4, and 5 (March to May 2009)

The Fortune Vase

Volume 3, 4 and 5. When we lived in Manhattan, this vase hung in our bathroom. Whenever we, or a guest, felt that a bit of fortune was needed, or desired, we would pull a fortune from The Fortune Vase. Recycled fortunes are just as good as those freshly discovered from a fortune cookie. The amusement and hope are genuine and move our little brain cells. [pub.2018]

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 6 (May to October 2009)

Such Is Life

John managed to find his first-grade teacher and arranged for a 50th reunion of his classmates during Old Home Day in Hancock, New Hampshire. The festivities were dampened when his mother suffered the first of several strokes. [pub.2018]

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 7 (October 2009 to January 2010)

Good Souvenirs, etc.

John goes through boxes of souvenirs and scrapbooks where he discovers items he's collected since early youth. Each item triggers a memory: lists of Christmas presents received, the broken eggshell of a favorite pet chicken, felt banners like the ones that used to line dorm rooms in the 50s, etc. All of them are Good Souvenirs.

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 11 (January–July 2011)

Done and Not Begun

We had four parents in their eighties and thought ourselves very lucky. But, George was slipping into a state of dementia and the household became nightmarish. Then, unexpectedly, Mom died in her sleep; same-sex marriage became legal in New York; and a small group of Christians showed us their ugly side in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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The Best Souvenir

A book about collecting, by a collector. Color photos accompany the 50 different collections—from exonumia to View-Master—in John's "personal museum". [2018]

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 12 (July–August 2011)

Experimenal Eccentric

John and René became the first same-sex couple to get married in Smithtown. The elder ladies down the block on Sarah Drive held a champagne reception. By the time John and René arrived, one bottle of champagne had already been emptied.

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 13 (August–December, 2011)

A Personal Museum

René's father died shortly after we returned from our annual vacation in Switzerland suddenly leaving us alone in our own home. It is also evident that the lives of John's parents are nearing their end and we make several trips to New Hampshire to be with them. John is busy organizing the stuff he's collected for more than 50 years. His desire is to create a personal museum.

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The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 14 (December 2011–April 2012)

Literal Trinkets

We proceeded to renovate Zwerglipatch Cottage after spending a month on the Caribbean island of Vieques where we encountered the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 19 (September–December 2013)

Personal Galaxy

John Wm Garand began scribbling well before he started first grade but what he envisioned as words, the world could not decipher. Five decades later, he moved to Zwerglipatch on Long Island, New York, and began a series that now numbers several dozen volumes. In "Personal Galaxy" he observes the present, recalls the past and speculates on the future from a vantage point starting in the Swiss Alps and settling comfortably back home among his friends, poetry, and numberless projects in his beloved quarter-acre garden at Zwerglipatch.


The Zwerglipatch Diaries: Volume 32 (January 2015 – October 2016)

Mental D'oh: Getting Things Done

This volume takes us from Zwerglipatch to Puerto Vallarta, Zuoz, Zürich and back. John includes many short reviews of books by gay authors he has discovered.

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