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Kafer / Käfer / Kaefer
made in Germany


Kafer is the German manufacturer of a wide variety of precision gages with distinct designs. You'll often see the SPI, Mahr, Fowler or Brown & Sharpe names on the test indicators, dial indicators and thickness gages. Please contact us for special requests.




By special arrangement with the manufacturer, Long Island Indicator Service is a repair service and importer of spare parts for the Kafer line of dial indicators, thickness gage, and depth gage.


Dial Indicators


Kafer makes a large variety of indicator models and configurations. Models marked TOP are not designed to be repaired and must be treated as "throw-aways". This is a conscious decision on the manufacturer's part.

As of Spring 2009, Kafer began manufacturing a new line of dial indicators "at their factory" in China. The model numbers of these indicators appear to include the letter U. All other models are still being made in Germany. We are currently featuring only German-made indicators.

To calibrate your Kafer indicators and thickness gages: Mitutoyo Steel Rectangular Gage Block, ASME Grade AS-1, 1.0" Length


Kafer travel dial indicators with up to 4" range


Kafer KM10A metric dial indicator


Kafer M2T metric dial indicator Group 2


Kafer Stossgeschutzt metric dial indicator Group 1 (shock proof)


Kafer back plunger dial indicator

Dial and Digital Thickness Gauge


Kafer (15) pocket dial thickness gage


Kafer (50) dial thickness gage with 2" throat


Kafer (100) dial thickness gage with large anvils and 4" throat


Kafer (200) dial thickness gage with 8" throat


Kafer (300) dial thickness gage with 12" throat


Kafer (400) dial thickness gage with 16" throat


Kafer digital thickness gauge


Kafer digital fabric thickness gauge


Kafer foil dial and/or digital thickness gauge for thin films and foil


Kafer dial thickness gauge with rollers


Kafer dial thickness gage stand for models 50 and 100

Saw Setting Gage


Kafer saw setting dial gage

Deciphering the Kafer code


Older Kafer gages didn't have model numbers printed on the instrument—anywhere—so it was hard to figure out what you needed in the way of a replacement or spare parts.

We are happy to take credit for suggesting that Kafer include the model numbers and as of 2010 most of their gages have this information printed on the back cover with typical Teutonic flair.

Kafer uses a complex code of letters and numbers. Here's what some of them mean:

  • A = ANSI standard 4-48 thread, .375" stem diameter
  • D = digital indicator
  • F = Feinmessuhr indicators reading .0001" or 0,002 mm or better
  • K = klein small bezel diameter of 40 mm (1-9/16")
  • O = ohne Zollschaft metric stem diameter 8 mm and M 2,5 thread
  • M = metric reading
  • S = Stossgeschützt (shock proof)
  • T = Toleranzmarken with tolerance markers
  • MU = made in China
  • Z = Zoll inch reading
  • LB = lug back (must be specified when ordering gage)
  • FS = bezel lock screw (must be specified when ordering gage)


The above items constitute advertisements on behalf of and are not to be construed as endorsements by Long Island Indicator Service. We strongly believe in buying quality tools and gages, and urge customers to check carefully before making a purchase. If the prices appear unusually low, we suggest proceeding with caution.

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