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Standard Gage


Standard Gage precision bore gages and snap gages offered on these pages are all current models made in USA by Dorsey Metrology.

The original Standard Gage of Poughkeepsie, New York,was purchased by Brown & Sharpe and manufacturing subsequently moved to Europe. As of 2016 the entire Standard Gage line has been discontinued.

We no longer offer parts or gages which were made in Poughkeepsie, New York. Standard Gage dial indicators which were made in USA are obsolete and we can not repair these while Standard Gage dial bore gages made in USA are still repairable because they have not undergone any structural changes.

However, many Standard Gage dial bore gages and snap gages are currently also being manufactured in the US as "look alikes" by Dorsey Metrology. Where good options exist, we will point them out.

In late 2009, Standard Gage began manufacturing "value" micrometers, indicators and calipers in China. These are now obsolete and discontinued.


Dial Bore Gage


Standard dial bore gage made by Dorsey Metrology (USA)


Standard bore gage replacement dial indicator


Standard digital electronic bore gage


Standard metric dial bore gauge


Standard style 4 perpendicular dial bore gage made by Dorsey


Standard right angle (90°) dial bore gage


Standard bore gage extension chart


Standard bore gage spare parts and replacement contacts


Brown & Sharpe Standard Setting Ring 1.400" Diameter

Other size setting rings are also available. See page 163.



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