Etalon Series 260 micrometer
metric micrometer with thimble friction clutch

Etalon micrometer made in Switzerland.

These are standard outside diameter micrometers of the very highest quality. Nothing better is available. Many Etalon micrometers have been passed down as heirlooms. If you're planning on buying just one micrometer, this is the one. Make your future heirs happy.

Note: The photo (above) is of an inch model which can be ordered on page 113. The metric models offered on this page have the same general appearance.

Since Brown & Sharpe micrometer No.1 doesn't have the larger metric micrometers, you can safely use this Etalon instead. They are made by the same manufacturer in Switzerland.

Your micrometer comes in a hard plastic box which is perfect for storage. A manufacturer's declaration of conformity, a multi-lingual instruction pamphlet plus calibration data are included.

Important: (as of 2016) these models are being phased out. Sales will continue as long as there is stock remaining. Grab these while you can.

What is your next best option for a quality metric micrometer? It's the TESA Isomaster made by the same manufacturer in Switzerland. Take a look at page 213.

Range (metric)

Etalon part number

Internet pricing

0-25 mm

0.002 mm

071115887 (71.115887)

no longer available


0.002 mm

071115888 (71.115888)

check price and stock


0.002 mm

071115889 (71.115889)

check price and stock


0.002 mm

071115890 (71.115890)

check price and stock


0.01 mm

071115891 (71.115891)

check price and stock


0.01 mm

071115892 (71.115892)

no longer available


Model 71.115891 with 100-125 mm range


Warranty - Repair - Micrometer lapping


The manufacturer's warranty is 12 months from the date of shipment, covers parts and labor. Original documentation is required. Long Island Indicator Service is authorized to perform warranty Etalon micrometer repairs.

Should your Etalon micrometer ever need repair or lapping, we'll be ready to help. See page 30 for details.


Recommendations from the manufacturer


Etalon writes, "Every micrometer is supplied ready for use and inspected. However, since they might get out of adjustment during transportation, we [Etalon] advise to check the zero-setting before use. We also firmly advise our customers not to dismantle the instruments needlessly. They need only be cleaned using pure benzene and periodically lubricated with a few drops of high quality purified oil. Check the zero-setting as often as necessary. The guarantee does not cover new measuring instruments dismantled by customers."

Note: Even though the manufacturer suggests using benzene, it is not considered a safe substance. It is highly flammable and injurious to health if inhaled. Use it at your own risk. As an alternative, try alcohol or a water-based cleaner if you are reasonably sure that you can dry it completely.

See also: Calibration and zero-setting instructions. For additional information on micrometers and what can go wrong, please refer to page 29.




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