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Swiss Made Compac
waterproof small dial indicator with 8mm stem diameter

Compac has made its world famous Dial Indicators available to the American manufacturer. These gages have all the features which have made Compac so desirable: durability, long life, and accuracy in which every machinist concerned with performance should invest.

Your dial may have the word "Geneve" written below the Compac logo in reference to its origins in Geneva, Switzerland.

You won't be able to throw these in your fish tank and expect them to survive. "Waterproof" is a relative term meaning it conforms to DIN 40050 and IP64 standards. The indicators have o-rings, rubber gaskets and a rubber bellows which will do a reasonable job of keeping liquid sprays from gumming up the works. These are absolutely the best indicators of their kind.

Compac type 355AE waterproof indicator shown above

These waterproof indicators have full metal housings. The movement is shock-proof. The rack (plunger) and 8mm stem are of hardened stainless steel giving these indicators an incredibly long useful life. The bushings won't wear out and the rack teeth won't bend or break like so many domestic and Asian gages. Stamped serial numbers and inspection reports are included. Contact points have M2,5 threads and are fully interchangeable. Indicators come with flat backs. Lug backs and other accessories can be ordered from our parts list. Adapters and other contact points can be found on page 133.

Many Swiss machines are outfitted with Compac waterproof dial indicators. For example, Compac type 354AE is used with Tschudin grinders, Compac type 355E with Norma grinders and Compac type 355AE is often found on Studer machines.





Total error

Stem Ø



Price 2016





8 mm







8 mm


4 weeks






8 mm


yes (1)



0,01 mm

5 mm

14 µm

8 mm





0,002 mm

3 mm

12 µm

8 mm


4 weeks



0,001 mm

1 mm

5 µm

8 mm


4 weeks



You may order online by selecting any linked Compac number above.



(1) discontinued item. Only one piece remains available.



Your Compac indicator comes with a flat back. If you need the optional lug back, please refer to page 61.



Schematics with dimensions in mm for the above waterproof models




Repair Service


We are an authorized repair service for Compac gages. Because we have all repair parts in stock, and 50 years of experience, these gages can be repaired in just a few days. They'll be rebuilt to meet the manufacturer's original specifications. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For details, see page 30.

Repair parts and accessories including replacement rubber bellows are available. See our index for additional information on indicator calibration, "Do-it-yourself" repairs, etc.

Quick repair tip: the rubber bellows can affect the indicator's ability to return to zero. If the hand slows down or even stops before it gets back to rest, check the bellows. Push the rubber up slightly so that there's no drag on the spindle. It's sort of like pushing the sleeve of your shirt up to the elbow. That trick can even work on brand new indicators. And, if you're not working in a misty or damp environment you may not need the bellows at all. It's okay to remove it.


Other Compac dial indicators


Other Compac dial indicators are available. Please refer to page 41.




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