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The name of George Meyer was well known among old-timers who had occasion to do business with Alina Corporation during the 1960's and 70's. He was the chief service technician at that time and taught us the ins, the outs, the techniques, and the high standards required of reliable repair work.

George brought us all to Long Island from a lovely lake-side hamlet on the Greifensee in Swiss-German speaking Switzerland. You would have recognized his accent the moment he said "Long Island Indicator Serwiss, can I help you?"

When he left Alina Corporation (after more than 20 years) he expanded on his small family business, incorporated, and gave us all our training.

George passed away in September, 2011 at the age of 83.



René in Italy Sept. 2014
René Meyer
has been the indicator and sales specialist since 1980. You will more than likely speak to him about repairs, sales and spare parts.

Born in Switzerland, living on Long Island, he has a degree in science from Long Island University and studied plant genetics as a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts.

During high-school he helped design the Compac and Etalon spare parts lists for the US market. His first encounter with precision instruments was weekends spent assembling the Alina Model 88 test indicators.

He and long time partner John Garand were among the first same-sex couples to be married in New York State when the marriage equality law came into effect in 2011.



Roy Meyer, Long Island born and educated, first-class machinist, has hands-on knowledge on gage applications.

He is the master of the micrometers, height gages, intrimiks and dial bore gages.

He learned his trade at BOCES and subsequently worked as a prototype machinist at both Beucher Laboratories and Robotic Vision Systems on Long Island. He was a member of the team which installed robotic inspection equipment at the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yards.

Roy and his wife Laura maintain a menagerie of farm animals at LRM Farm in Yaphank where they are also busy raising Peter and Timothy the newest members of the Meyer clan.


John William Garand, a New Hampshire native of British and Canadian-French stock, was the US coordinator of sales for Compac (Geneva) before he joined us. He created an expanded network of distributors in the US for the company. He is currently our corporate president and handles customer accounts.

John has retired from an active 20-year career as professional puppeteer. His work has been seen at the Smithsonian Institution, Lincoln Center, the Atlanta Center for Puppetry, virtually every state east of the Mississippi and also a late-night comedy series on Showtime.

He is the master gardener of The Zwerglipatch Gardens and creator of the annual Zwerglipatch puppet shows.

He has published more than 20 volumes of poetry under the name JWGrum.


Timothy is our newest member-in-training. We give
him the Starrett micrometers to fix. (Starrett doesn't think that's very funny.)

Peter is currently a skilled apprentice learning the craft of Swiss indicator repairs.

Obviously there's more to our lives than nuts and bolts; yet, we are dedicated to providing the best repair service money can buy, thinking of ourselves more as rebuilders of tools rather than repairmen.

Because we have a large supply of factory-fresh parts, we can afford to replace any used or damaged items. This gives the repaired tool a longer useful life than if we just repaired a little here, a little there. It also assures an accuracy meeting, or exceeding, the manufacturer's original specifications. Give us a try!


From our reference shelf:

The Companion Reference Book on Dial and Test Indicators … page 178
BesTest and TesaTast Indicator Repair Manual … page 177
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual … page 199
Interapid Indicator Repair Manual …
page 208
Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual ... page 194

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