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Some people actually enjoy the small print. We have gotten purchase orders from some (usually) very big corporations where they will order one $9 battery cover and include 5 pages of very small print with instructions, regulations, and other bureaucratic gobbledygook. Do they think we will actually read all that? Well, for those who get off on it, here is some of our small print (but in a readable font). Enjoy!

Credit Cards and PayPal


We will be happy to accept American Express, Visa or MasterCard for payment. PayPal can also be used but you should contact us first for details (see additional notes on using PayPal at the bottom of this page). We are not set up to accept Discover.

Note: For security reasons, American Express shipments will only be made to the card holder's address. We will not ship to a second party.


Secure Payment by Credit Card


If you would like to send us your credit card information via Secure Server please click here: credit card submission. In the message field, you might want to refer to our invoice or repair estimate number. Be sure to include your card's expiration date, your name and billing address.

For added safety, we do not store credit card information on our computers. Furthermore, our site is continually being certified by SecurityMetrics.


On-line Sales


Many items can be purchased directly via our online shopping cart. You will be asked to pay by credit card, using a secure server. If you're uncomfortable submitting credit card information over the Internet, you can request us to call you although this will delay the order by several days.


Setting up a New Account


We generally only open accounts for customers sending repairs or customers who have placed repeat orders. To set up an ongoing account, simply send us your credit information along with a letter of your intentions. We will contact you for further details.


How to send repairs


Ship by UPS, FedEx Ground, or Priority Mail. Pack your gages well. Even though they're already broken, you should avoid extra damage during transit. Include shipping papers with your request for a price quote if desired. If you don't have your own, you can print out a packing list. We will email you a quote as soon as the instruments arrive.

We will return your repairs via UPS or Priority Mail (to residential addresses).

Here's an interesting point: a shipment from Coast to the Coast can take from 5 to 6 days by UPS, whereas Priority Mail will do it in just 2-3 days and they delivery on Saturdays.

You are welcome to use any convenient shipping method to send your repairs, but we will only use Priority Mail (for residential customers) or UPS for return shipments. Sorry, we can not ship by FedEx.


Purchasing New Tools


To purchase new tools please place your order online at this web site for quickest service. You may also e-mail your order to confirm price and availability, and to arrange for payment which may be with credit card, advance check or established accounts.


Purchasing Spare Parts


Spare parts orders valued at less than $97 must be purchased online.




We will e-mail an invoice at the time shipment is made. Please deliver this invoice to your accounts payable department. Another invoice will be included with the shipment. We do not always mail invoices under separate cover unless requested.


Prices and Currency


Prices shown on these pages are current to the best of our knowledge. We do reserve the right to make changes at any time. Call for information where no prices are indicated. The currency is US dollars (USD).


Trade Discounts


We regret that we are no longer able to provide trade discounts on parts or services.


Shipping and Handling


We will ship via UPS Ground or Priority Mail (to residential addresses). If you request any other carrier there will be a delay since we'll have to make special arrangements for pick up.

Important: if you provide your own UPS account number for return shipping, we will not insure the shipment unless you request it. Should there be a loss or damage in transit, we will not be held responsible.

FedEx shipment can only be made if you supply your FedEx account number. We only make FedEx shipments once per week. This will result in delays. Please use UPS whenever possible.

For current shipping and handling charges see page 192.

We no longer ship outside of the U.S.A.


Sales Tax


We are obliged to collect sales and use tax from our New York customers. However, these measuring instruments (micrometers, indicators, calipers, etc.) and their spare parts are exempt from this tax when used for the production of other goods intended for resale. In order to claim this exemption you will have to submit an Exempt Use Certificate (Form ST-121) at the time of purchase. This only applies to New York State customers. We do not have to collect sales tax from other states.


Free Repair Quotes


Send your instruments along with shipping papers requesting a repair quote. We willl be able to e-mail you a quote as soon as the instrument arrives. Keep in mind, repairs can proceed faster if quotes are not required.

Brown & Sharpe 599-849 Miti-Mite Magnetic Base and BesTest Indicator Set with Case


Returns Policy


If you buy a new tool from us and we've misrepresented the item in any way, then we'll humbly accept a return for full refund up to 20 days from the date of sale. If you've bought an instrument in error or find that it's not what you need then you will have to forfeit 20% of the cost or $45 (whichever is higher) for restocking. This covers the expense of testing and re-calibrating the equipment.

Returns will not be possible after 20 days from the date of sale. Items which have been modified, including the addition of serial numbers, or damaged or defaced in any way (packaging included) can not be returned for credit.

Spare parts sales are final and, unless the parts are defective, they can only be returned for "store" credit.




99% of all gage repairs are done in house, but occasionally we rely on subcontractors for specific services. Electronic gages, for example, are sometimes returned to the manufacturer for servicing. If you need to be advised whether subcontractors will be used, please make that clear on your purchase order, otherwise it's at our discretion.


Abandoned Property


We'll make every attempt to contact the owner via email, phone or snail mail. If there's no response after 90 days, we'll consider it abandoned property to be disposed of.


International Customers


We only ship to U.S. addresses, including territories.

Speeding up the process


Here are a few tips to get your repairs, new tools or spare parts faster and how to save on the bill.

  • Orders for new tools or parts valued at less than $95 must be placed online. We no longer accept purchase orders for lower values.
  • Parts ordered online receive preferential treatment and expedited shipping, usually within 48 hours.
  • Check our Contact Us page for holiday and vacation closings.
  • Provide as much information on your packing list as possible, including your phone numbers and e-mail so we don't have to track you down.
  • We'll use UPS for return shipping to business addresses. Asking us to ship any other way will delay shipment by several days because we have to make special arrangements for pick up.
  • Don't ask us to ship FedEx even if you supply your own collect account number. We have to travel out of our way to bring these to FedEx and we don't like to do that. It can add as much as a week to your delivery time.
  • We will use Priority Mail for residential addresses and some low value orders. Priority Mail only takes 2-3 days coast to coast. It is a faster delivery and costs less.
  • Use a credit card for payment. We like money as much as the next person, so if you pay up front with plastic, we'll also take care of your order ahead of the slow paying folks.
  • Include your credit card information with the shipment or submit it online so we don't have to call you. It's often difficult to make phone contact and that will delay a shipment for sure.
  • Ask us to ship using your UPS collect account. It'll save you a few dollars because we tend to round up the shipping costs. Just remember to include the UPS account number on your paper work so we don't have to call for it - that'll be an unwanted delay.
  • Repair quotes are free but they can take several days. If you're really in a hurry, don't ask for a quote and let us use our judgment. We won't make any unreasonable repairs.
  • If you don't really need a calibration certificate, don't ask for one. It always adds from one day to 3 weeks, depending on the gage.
  • Don't waste your money shipping Next Day Air if you're in the New York tri-state area. It's only a one day delivery by ground.
  • If you have questions or need to get in touch, use our e-mail. You'll get a much faster response than if you have to leave a message on voice mail.
  • Do not waste your time, or ours by sending us anything made in China. If there's no country of origin printed on the tool, then chances are pretty good it's Chinese.


A word about using PayPal


When you make a PayPal payment, the money is immediately transfered to us. However, your order might not be ready to ship. In case of a back order, this could take several weeks. Thus, you have made a payment in advance.

On the other hand, if you use a credit card, we will only charge the card when the shipment is actually made. This avoids having to "pay in advance" in certain cases. We'd suggest using a credit card when ordering new tools and parts. PayPal will be a good option for repairs since those are not likely to be delayed.




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