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U-Wave wireless transmission
directly to your PC's spreadsheet—for Mitutoyo digimatic gages—no software required

The easiest way to send measurement readings from your Mitutoyo digimatic calipers, micrometers, bore gages, indicators, etc., directly to your PC's spreadsheet such as Exel, without a tangle of wires and cables. There is no software required other than the spreadsheet which you already have installed on your PC. (Mac users: this won't work, but you already suspected as much.)

When the data input button is pressed on your digimatic tool, then the value displayed on the gage also appears in the spreadsheet cell and the cursor jumps to the next cell ready for another input.



Here are the three components of the U-Wave system that you will need:



The U-Wave-R receiver is plugged into the USB port from which it also receives its power supply. Using a USB hub, you could connect up to 16 such receivers to one PC.



The U-Wave-T transmitters are plugged into the various digimatic tools. These transmitters are IP67 moisture proof and will work with any Mitutoyo digimatic gage. As many as 100 tools can be "connected" to one U-Wave receiver. They will be able to send signals to your PC as far as 60 feet away, conditions permitting. A lithium CR2032 battery is included and, under heavy use, could last about 10 months. Replacement batteries are commercially available.


You will also need to buy a short (6-inch) connecting cable which goes from the transmitter to the tool. Since the good folks in Japan couldn't decide on a standardized socket you'll notice that most Mitutoyo digimatic tools have different sockets for your transmitting cable. CableUse

You will now be working with a gage that has a small radio transmitter dangling ingloriously from it. (See illustration.)

It's important to select the correct cable and this is why they taught you to put the square peg in the square hole and the round one in the circle back in nursery school. Everything has a purpose. You will want to compare your gage to the seven sockets illustrated below. Thengo aheadbuy one of the cables and you are all set.


Sockets as they appear on your digimatic tool will take cable type A, B, C, D, E, F or G

Now that you have selected one receiver, one or more transmitters, and the cable for your specific model, you're all set. If you run into trouble, tech help is only a phone call away.

This is an exciting new way to transmit data and we will be happy to assist you any way necessary. Ask for the free 12-page Mitutoyo U-Wave brochure (sent in PDF format by e-mail) if you have any doubts.



Q: The transmitter hanging from the caliper seems cumbersome. What are the dimensions and weight of the transmitter?

A: The transmitter is somewhat cumbersome. It is about 2" x 1" x 1" and weighs 23 grams.

Q: Are there any special handling procedures to assure the transmitter does not break away from the caliper during measurements?

A: Two screws are used to attach the transmitter which pretty much keeps it in place.



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