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Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest
Series 648 digital bore micrometer

  • Three point measurement is possible to the bottom of a blind hole.
  • Extensions are available for measuring deep holes.
  • Readings are easy, no skill required.
  • Output to your computer is possible but not necessary.
  • Switches from inch to metric (like getting two gages for the price of one).
  • The best news of all: these are usually in stock (not like those European imports).
  • Damage? The measuring head can be replaced and yes, they are also usually in stock.

The manufacturer provides the following product description:

The Mitutoyo Digimatic 468 series Holtest LCD inside micrometer has three-point contacts for self-centering measurement of the inside dimension (ID) of bores, and a digital single-value LCD readout that displays in inch and metric units with resolution to 0.00005” (0.001mm). It also has Statistical Process Control (SPC) data output to transmit results to a computer or external device through an interface cable (sold separately).

The micrometer’s electronic microprocessor can hold measurements at any position, convert to absolute value, set a temporary zero position, and return to a true zero reading. An automatic off function helps preserve battery life when the unit is not in use. The electronics housing has an Ingress Protection 65 (IP65) rating, which means that components are resistant to penetration by dust and debris, and resistant to penetration by liquids and coolant up to the force of a low-pressure (to 30 kilonewtons/meter-squared) water jet. The measuring faces are made of hardened steel and TiN-coated for wear resistance. The micrometer includes, and is powered by, a single SR44 silver oxide battery, and comes with a fitted case for storage.

Series 648

battery cover only

308520 [$]

battery seal only

308438 [$]

battery screw only

308326 [$]




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