"I turn to your poems and they make me think, ponder, digest, think some more, smile and smile and nod too. It's as if you and your singular voice are sitting right beside me. Oh, what a comfort." —Janelle Palma

I watched you grow up from age 18 til now, but my question is "When did you gain so much maturity?" It has probably always been there but we always spent so much time storytelling, catching up and laughing that I never saw it coming.—Carol Lucha Burns



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Original music by R.U.Meyer

The Zwerglipatch Diaries by John Wm Garand

The Graveyard Memorial Project

Show People

Life's Punch With Aloha!

300 Days in Switzerland

Eccentric Dances by JWGrum

Down, Across

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Parallel Reflections

Volume 33

John's volume of poetry, written between August and October of 2017 which finds him, among other places, on vacation in Palma de Mallorca. [Publ.2018]

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First Ladies Of The White

Commemorative Gold Coins

A catalog of the complete collection of 41 uncirculated gold commemorative coins issued by the United States Mint between 2007 and 2016. It includes every First Lady whether spouse or acting in lieu of. The catalog illustrates the front and back (obverse and reverse) of each uncirculated coin along with mintage statistics and credit for the designers and engravers responsible. [2018]

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or, Life Before the iPhone (a Tone Poem)

Before John owned a camera he simply and painstakingly jotted down everything he saw, oftentimes while his friends stood by, patiently waiting for him to finish. Most of them didn't know that—years later—they would be called upon to read these words to an audience in various venues throughout New York City. [2018]

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Eccentric Dances

For Woodwind Quintet and optional dancer. Score and removable parts included. By René Urs Meyer (music) in collaboration with John Wm Garand (dancer).

Five dances for woodwind quintet, about 13-15 minutes total, can feature an optional solo or troupe of dancers. Each dance was site-specific: Shoshone Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon; The Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy; The Montauk Point Lighthouse on Long Island; The Walking Dunes also on Long Island; and, Drumming in a Bamboo Grove which took place on the island of Maui. [2018]

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Show People: Intertitles by Ralph

The intertitles for "Show People", the 1928 silent film with Marion Davies and William Haines, presented in a modified screenplay format with editing and an introduction by JWGrum. [2018]

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The Best Souvenir

A book about collecting, by a collector. Color photos accompany the 50 different collections—from exonumia to View-Master—in John's "personal museum". [2018]

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Life's Punch With Aloha!

Written during the summer of 2017 in Switzerland, Italy, and Long Island. John Wm Garand reads each of these poems in an assortment of videos that have been uploaded to the JWGrum channel on YouTube.

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Dreams Reclaimed

A familiar voice can be enough to lull us to that place we call The Land of Dreams. A smile comes on our faces. The result is peace.

Volume 30 written in Playa del Carmen and Zwergliptach between December 2016 and April 2017. JWGrum is the nom de plume of John Wm Garand.

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24 Days in Switzerland

No comments. No captions. Twenty-four amusing photos with 24 titles in English, German, Swiss-German, French, and Romansh. Twenty-four odd, funny, touching videos. Strange and different for a travel book. We hope you get a kick out of it. We lived it and loved it.

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Miniscule Past

JWG revisits childhood memories after spending Christmas 2010 in Hancock, New Hampshire. This volume includes a video of 83 year old mother Louise Garand showing the quilt she made when she was 11 years old.

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Island Life

John Wm Garand’s volume was originally titled “Mental Pathways” but we realized that wasn’t going to attract much attention. So, we went for a bold look to make a bold statement. We live on an island and we often vacation on islands, or within walking distance of the shore. Whether we realize it or not, it becomes a life style. 

The idea of “home” is presented as a video introduction. Please, join us on our Island Life adventures.

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Around Ev'ry Corner

The later half of 2010 brought us from Switzerland, home to Long Island, to New Hampshire and, finally, to Puerto Vallarta. Our adventures in foreign travels were just beginning. As always, we made sure our destinations were relatively gay friendly. This volume includes a video of an eccentric dance performed on a Swiss alp.

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Answers Thrive

2011 brought us on a honeymoon of sorts, which we milked for as long as possible. We had already been together for 31 years, after all. In this illustrated volume we cover ground which was soon to become very familiar: The shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Was this where we would find the answers?

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Loving a New DAy

With this volume, JWGrum embarked on a new venture: One new poem every day. There were some interruptions along the way but as of 2017 we have nearly 1,700 poems published. “Loving a New Day” consists of two contrasting parts written on Maui and Long Island in the first months of 2010. A short audio/video recording is included.

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Weathered Mosaic

This eclectic collection written in 2010 jumps from location to location and covers all manner or topics such as an aborted puppet show (a sudden downpour); the Liberty Bell; nude gardening on Fire Island; and, the end of the summer drought in New Hampshire. An enclosed video has JWGrum “face dancing” on a tree stump in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Meandering With Open Eyes

What is the meaning of a photograph when the caption is of something unrelated? And, what happens to a poem when it is paired with an incongruous image? Our mind deciphers words while our eyes are looking beyond them. We see a familiar sight but are told it is something else. When we read of a volcano spewing lava and see the interior of a museum we suddenly have different thoughts. When we read about the Empire State Building and see clothes drying on a fire escape, where exactly are we? We decided to try and find out in this volume. The results are surprising. See what you think.

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Independent Elder

Whether wrapped in a flag to make a political statement or cavorting with an over-sized rocking horse in Mexico, we are newly “elder” and testing the boundaries with words, music and action. Welcome to our journey!

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Silent Feelings

Silent Feelings takes us on a journey from Edinburgh, Dublin, St.Moritz, Zurich and back to Zwerglipatch on Long Island in Volume 28 of John's poetic musings written in 2016.

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the Zwerglipatch Advent Calendar 2008

The Advent Calendar for 2008 featured stained glass photographed in Budapest churches. The calendar was initially in black and white which turned into color as the 25 windows were opened. This is an interactive book with commentary by the author and collector.

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the Zwerglipatch Advent Calendar 2009

The Advent Calendar for 2009 involved 25 clock faces we photographed during our travels. The interior revealed an assortment of collectibles, trinkets and novelties. An interactive feature provides further descriptions. Sound effects resemble the chiming of clocks and culminate in a familiar Christmas carol.

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the Zwerglipatch Advent Calendar 2010

The Advent Calendar for 2010 was based on a collection of vintage Christmas post cards (ca. 1910-20).

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Serenity's Pulse

John Wm Garand's poetry is not academic, not obtuse, not cryptic. His poems are meant to be understood. All 87 new poems in this volume follow a strict form and, as is often the case in poetry, benefit from reading aloud. So, gather a group of people around you and enjoy!

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Mulling a Life

John's most recent collection of 87 poems include as many colorful photographs of his life in New Hampshire, Manhattan, Switzerland and beyond. He tries—unsuccessfully—to "tone it down" because he was told that he is simply too happy.


When Rainbows Appear

In Venice we lived just above a canal, in Long Island we are no more than 20 minutes from the sandy beaches of Fire Island, in Fort Lauderdale-by-the-Sea we had to keep our shades pulled at night so the turtle hatchlings would head towards water and in Puerto Vallarta we strolled the malecón every evening watching the buskers and feasting on grilled red snapper. Wish you were there!



JWGrum’s best liked and most popular poems stem from this volume which were written between March 2013 and September 2014. These were penned in San Francisco and northern California, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Ninole (Big Island, Hawaii), Haute-Nendaz (Switzerland), New Hampshire, Long Island (New York), and Venice (Italy). John reads one of the poems in an enclosed video.


A Mountain of Mulch

An extended string of very short poems chronicles the days between the end of winter and the beginning of summer with the appearance of the first blooms, the nesting birds, and the chores attendant with gardening. Sprinkled throughout are the author's attempts to deal with an attic full of his family's history: old letters, memorabilia, a boyhood in New Hampshire. A trip to the Grand Canyon helps put this little garden patch in the proper perspective and time—always time—weighs heavily and makes its presence known.


The Reader Writes

JWG 'The Reader Writes' showcases a collection of 95 insightful, easy to read autobiographical poems written in 2012-13. The author details his encounters with vintage issues of TV Guide, heirloom family correspondence, cryptic symphonic scores, colorful Sunday "funnies" and a plethora of other amusing reading material. He contemplates the effect these written words have had upon the child he once was and the gratifying decades which followed. John Wm Garand



One need only read through the titles of these 112 poems, most of which were written during the author's winter holiday in Todos Santos, México, to see the breadth of topics upon which he pondered. From Dark Matter to migrating whales to personal egos to bullying, all are covered with insight that will make you nod in agreement. These easy to read and understand stanzas will enlighten and are sure to entertain. John Wm Garand



It was a difficult time dealing with four aging parents in the Spring of 2011. While the author's scribblings in his book "Done and Not Begun" deal explicitly with these events, the 118 poems in "Grand Hodgepodge" appear to skirt the daily tribulations of illness, infirmity, dotage and an unexpected death in the family.

Topics ranging from Walt Disney to opera, to PBS and NPR, kangaroos to Hollywood populate these pages. The burdens of coping with daily life were only hinted at and it is admirable that such optimism existed during those trying days. John Wm Garand

Château de Prangins, Switzerland

Tomorrow Today

"Who thought up yesterday, today, and tomorrow? Who had the cognizance to create these labels delineating age? Today exists for tomorrow. Nothing stops time. Each day's a prize." And with this deeply felt sense of existence, the author surrounds his wedding day—the first day on which same-sex marriages were legal in New York State—with reminiscences of his days and nights in New Mexico, of the people and events which affected him profoundly, and his highly anticipated honeymoon in the Swiss Alps. John Wm Garand


Genealogy of the  Messikommer Families

15 generations (1493 to 1955) of the Swiss family Messikommer are documented in this exhaustive German language work privately published by Alfred Messikommer in 1955 and translated into English by René Urs Meyer.


Down, Across

Seven duets for flute and bassoon including a facsimile of the original piano composition of 1978. René Urs Meyer

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