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Tesa Isomaster Micrometer
Inch and Metric Models made in Switzerland

Metric 75-100 mm Isomaster model

These Swiss made Tesa micrometers are among the finest available. They have a friction sleeve which lies a bit better in the hand, making one handed operation easier for some. They also have slanted lines on the barrel and that may be a deciding factor when investing in these. Some people can't tolerate those slants. Others have found out that they're easier on the eyes. If you're not sure on this point, select another micrometer such as Etalon Series 260, made by the same manufacturer.

Models up to 4" were available with .0001" graduations. Metric models are still available up to 300 mm. Please inquire about larger sizes, which are almost never in stock in the US.

  • Swiss made
  • tungsten carbide anvils
  • .25" anvil diameter on 4" (100 mm) models and smaller
  • .31" anvil diameter on 100 mm models and larger
  • .0001" or 0.01 mm discrimination
  • friction maximum force 10N
  • durable plastic case
  • friction sleeve can be reversed to render it inactive
  • ID (serial number) for easy ISO compliance
  • manufacturer's calibration report with declaration of conformity



Model Number


Internet Price




no longer available




no longer available




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no longer available

0 - 25 mm


0.01 mm

check price and stock

25 - 50 mm


0.01 mm

check price and stock

50 - 75 mm


0.01 mm

not available

75 - 100 mm


0.01 mm

not available

100 - 125 mm


0.01 mm

not available

* the inch models are being "phased out" by the manufacturer as of early 2016. Sales will continue until stock is exhausted.

Ref: TESA 2016 C-5



Manufacturer suggestions (paraphrased): Check your Tesa micrometer periodically to see that the zero lines up. Use a gage block to verify readings.

After heavy or prolonged use, it is recommended that the micrometer be cleaned as follows: unscrew the quick-drive end cap, as well as the thimble. Clean each part with an appropriate liquid (alcohol, naphtha) and reassemble. Lightly lubricate the spindle with a high quality oil. Eliminate any play in the thread by using the supplied setting key.

A more detailed maintenance brochure comes with the micrometers.


Further information on micrometers in general, and what can go wrong, is shown on page 29. If your micrometers ever need servicing, Long Island Indicator has over 40 years of experience with Tesa micrometers.





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