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Kafer Thickness Gauge
with rollers for foil
calibradores con rodillos



Kafer Model J50R shown above, without guides

Thickness gauges with rollers are suitable for measurement of paper, foil, metal and sheets of fabric, plastic and the like. Unlike other gages fitted with a roller point, these have two rollers: one on top and one on bottom. The material being measured rolls smoothly between these two rollers. The gage is hand held, but could be fastened to a fixture with suitable clamps. The frame must not be modified, however.

They can also be used for measuring wire, rods and extruded stock when the rollers are fitted with guide discs, which keeps the wire "on track."

They're available in many configurations and some can also be ordered in digital versions with SPC output.

  • Bezel diameter: 58 mm
  • Width of rollers: 8.7 mm
  • Diameter of rollers: 8.4 mm

All of these are special orders which a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery. Made in Germany.


Dial J50R


  • resolution 0.01 mm
  • range 5 mm
  • depth of jaw 50 mm
  • maximum error 25µm
  • all mechanical
  • Model J50R without guides ... $490.00

Digital JD50R


  • resolution 0.01 mm / .0005"
  • range 10 mm / .4"
  • depth of jaw 50 mm
  • maximum error 25µm
  • digital with SPC output
  • Model JD50R without guides ... $880.00
  • Model JD50R with roller guides ... $880.00


Digital JD100R


  • resolution 0.01 mm (switches to .0005")
  • range 10 mm (.400")
  • depth of jaw 100 mm
  • maximum error 25µm
  • SPC output
  • Model JD100R without guides ... $957.00

Dial F50R


  • high resolution 0.001 mm
  • range 5 mm
  • depth of jaw 50 mm
  • maximum error 25µm
  • all mechanical
  • Model F50R without guides ... $600.00

Digital FD50R



  • high resolution 0.001 mm (switchable to .00005")
  • range 10 mm (.4")
  • depth of jaw 50 mm
  • maximum error 25µm
  • SPC output
  • Sturdy storage case
  • Detailed operating instructions in several languages
  • Calibration certificate with data (German National Standards)
  • Model FD50R without guides ... $951.00

Notes: the manufacturer advises that alcohol must not be used for cleaning this gage.


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