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Mercer Test Indicator - discontinued
made in Switzerland

Mercer indicators, marketed for the UK, are no longer available. They were made in Swizerland and were identical to the Compac indicators except for the brand name on the dial. The dial often, erroneously, read "England" which can lead to confusion.

The older-style Mercer indicators, pre-2001, were made in England. All subsequent Swiss models carry the suffix -1 on the model number. They were a big improvement over the old ones.

Mercer indicators which are metric will have yellow dials. This is the norm for the US and UK. Inch reading indicators will have standard white dials.

The Series 300 indicators come with a 1/4" mounting stem in a hard plastic box. Other size stems and attachments are available on page page 36. A serial number and declaration of conformity are included, but without calibration data.


Swiss Mercer model 303-1, 307-1 and 311-1 shown above. All are discontinued.
Inch models have white dials. Metric Mercer models have yellow dials.


  • Accessories, holders and other stem attachments see page 36
  • Replacement contact points on page 21
  • You may place an on-line order by selecting any linked ordering number.
  • Please allow about 3 weeks for delivery in some cases since these items come from Switzerland.

Why do they look just like the Compac indicator?


The new model Swiss made series 300 test indicator looks like the Compac indicator because it is the Compac indicator. The only thing different is the name on the dial. If you're having trouble locating a Mercer indicator, consider getting the Compac version which will also probably cost less. (There is no equivalent to model 305-1.) See page 41 for Compac information.


A note to repair shops


Swiss made series 300 Mercer indicators use the same parts as the Compac 240 Series with the rather obvious exceptions of the dials. See our spare parts page 72.


Books by René Urs Meyer

The Companion Reference Book on Dial and Test Indicators
Repair Manual for Swiss-made BesTest and TesaTast Indicators
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual

Available Summer 2016: Repair Manual for Interapid Test Indicators

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