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The Interapid indicator can be counted on as being one of the most challenging to repair. Ask anyone who's tried to give it a go without proper tools and without doing considerable research first. DSC03235

Here you see the gage taken apart and soaking in cleaning solution, ready to be repaired. It's going to work as good as new when we're done. Guaranteed.

And here is what we will do if you choose to send your damaged indicator to us:


• total disassembly

• cleaning of all parts with appropriate cleaners

• inspection of all parts under high magnification

• repair or replacement of all worn or damaged parts (those parts which are necessary for the full functioning of the gage)

• lubrication with appropriate lubricants

• reassembly

• inspection for functionality

• calibration using equipment and standards certified traceable to NIST

• your satisfaction is guaranteed upon return of gage or we'll issue credit, refund or rework as per your instructions

Here are several examples of repairable issues you might run into:


The small hand can be tricky to remove without tools and, if not careful, it is just as likely to launch itself into space, never to be seen again. Fortunately parts are available but they are expensive and you are much better off being careful along the way. For a parts breakdown, refer to page 88.


The hairspring can be an intimidating challenge. It has to float horizontally without touching the gears and, of course, it has to be immaculately clean so that it coils properly. Only fine pointed tweezers can deal effectively with the hair spring. You should also go easy on the caffeine.


Unless you can give the spring the correct amount of preload, the indicator hand will not repeat and the up-and-down contact point motion is probably only going to work one way. One-way is great for city streets but not for your Interapid.

Option 1.

Should you decide to "do it yourself" we can offer you our own Repair Manual (at a price, of course). Check with page 208 to see what's included and to order your copy.

Option 2.

For a fixed price we'll do all the dirty and tricky work. We've been repairing Interapid indicators for nearly 60 years and can legitimately claim to know a thing or two. Turn around time varies with the seasons and page 30 will provide you with all the details.

Option 3.

You may decide that it's high time to replace the gage. There have been improvements in recent years and the Interapid remains one of the best choices. Page 23 will show you what's available and will also lead you to some of the best on-line pricing.



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New! Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators … page 178

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