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SPC Data Collection
Simple Digimatic Data Collection on your computer

Use the Mitutoyo Input Tool for USB for gathering data directly into any commercial spreadsheet such as Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 running on your PC. When you hit the send button on your caliper, that reading is entered into your spreadsheet. It's absolutely the easiest way to collect data without the use of any other software. Plug the Input Tool into any USB port on your computer.

Mitutoyo 264-016 USB Input Tool

(formerly 264-012-10)


The drawbacks? Since you're not using fancy software, your data is just raw numbers. You'll have to analyze or graph them yourself.

What else is needed? You can hook up one digital gage (which has SPC output) at a time but you'll need to get an SPC connecting cable (see below). The sequence is as follows: the caliper, micrometer, or indicator plugs into the SPC connecting cable which plugs into the Input Tool which plugs into the PC's USB port.

If you use a USB hub (available at computer supply stores everywhere) then you can connect as many input tools to the computer as you like; but, you will only be able to send data from one gage at a time.

There are two kinds of SPC cables: those designed for waterproof (coolant proof) gages and those designed for all the rest. Two small screws are used to fasten the plug into the waterproof instrument. These screws tighten the plug into place and help to create the seal. You can not interchange cables from one style to the other. The far end of all the cables are the same and will fit into the Input Tool.

Furthermore, the cables are available with or without a data send button. This button is built into the plug and allows you to send the data directly from your gage, rather than having to go back to the keyboard. It would seem that having the data button under your finger, as it were, would be a desirable feature. The data is entered into your spreadsheet cell which then advances to the next cell. Detailed instructions on how to set up your spreadsheet are included.

The Input Tool unit is a couple of inches square and weighs 2.6 oz. It's PC compatible, including laptops, which have USB type A, USB 2.0 or 1.1 ports. It will work with Windows 98 and above, but will not work with Windows NT. Detailed installation and usage instructions are included. Manufactured in Japan for Mitutoyo. (Caution! Do not attempt to use it with a Mac running OSX.)

Remember: order one cable from the lists below AND one input tool for USB. If you're not sure which cable to get, send us the model number of your gage with an e-mail request.

A side-note: might you be interested in wireless data collection? See page 229.

Model 264-012-10 was replaced by new version 264-016 in mid 2015.

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs (HB-UM43)


New! USB Input Tool Direct (USB-ITN)


The USB Intput Tool Direct is a combination of data cable and input tool, all rolled into one. With these cables, that have a built-in input tool, you will be able to plug directly from your digital gage to your USB port on your computer. No other equipment is needed.

The drawback? Many different kinds of cables and each is specific to one kind of digital tool. Because the input tool is included, the price is high. This makes for expensive cables to have on hand.

If you think you'd be interested in this new Mitutoyo product, just let us know and we'll get the information to you.


Foot switch


A foot switch can be added so that you can let your toes do the tapping instead. Perfect if you need both hands free. The foot switch plugs directly into the Input Tool box. When you tap it, the data is transmitted to your computer. It works even if you have a data button on the cable.

  • Foot switch (old number 64PMT168) 937179T ... $87.25

Mitutoyo Coolant Proof Digimatic caliper cable


Cables suitable for Mitutoyo Digimatic and Solar calipers which are coolant proof.

  • Digimatic series 500-68x, 500-76x, and 500-78x (where x = any digit)

(These cables are Mitutoyo specific and will not fit Brown & Sharpe or other manufacturers' equipment.)

  • cable for waterproof calipers only, with data button 05CZA624 (1 meter long) ... $93.30
  • cable for waterproof calipers only, with data button 05CZA625 (2 meters long) ... $95.25

Mitutoyo Coolant Proof Digimatic micrometer cable


Cables suitable for Mitutoyo IP65 Digimatic micrometers which are coolant proof. These cables are Mitutoyo specific and will not fit Brown & Sharpe or other manufacturers' equipment.

  • cable for IP65 micrometer only, with data button 05CZA662 (1 meter long) ... $84.35

Mitutoyo Digimatic cable - regular


Cables suitable for the following Mitutoyo gages which are not waterproof (not coolant proof).

  • Digimatic calipers
  • Indicator series 575-xxx, 543-6xx, 543-2xx, 543-4xx
  • Height Gage series 570-2xx (where x = any digit)
  • Depth Gage series 571-2xx, 547-21x, 547-25x
  • Scale Units series 572-xxx
  • Thickness Gage series 547-3xx, 547-4xx

(These cables are Mitutoyo specific and will not fit Brown & Sharpe or other manufacturers' equipment.)

  • cable with data button 64AAA074 (118 inches long) ... discontinued
  • cable with data button 959150 (79 inches long) ... $65.20
  • cable with data button 959149 (39 inches long) ... $52.80
  • cable without data button 905338 (39 inches long) ... $42.90
  • cable without data button 905409 (79 inches long) ... $50.15


Is it necessary to have a cable with data button? No, because there is a "data send" button built right into your caliper, micrometer or indicator. The data button on the cable may be easier to use because of its location, that's all. You can very easily use a cable without this button when working with the digimatic gages.


Mitutoyo Digimatic indicators 543-500


Be sure you have the correct series number for your indicator. These 10 pin cables are specific to Digimatic indicators series 543-5xx where x=any digit. These do not have data buttons. You will have to use the data send button on the indicator, or use a foot switch.

  • cable without data button 936937 (40 inches long) ... $50.25

Questions and Answers


Q: What is the difference between SPC output and RS232?

  • A: SPC (Statistic Processing Control) is usually converted to RS232 which is some sort of ASCII text. 90% of Mitutoyo hand tools have SPC output. Basically, this collects data from your tool and converts it into printable text on you computer.

Q: Do I really need to buy an "input tool"?

  • A: If you use the cables on these pages, you will have to use the Input tool shown at the top. But, if you buy the new USB Input Tool Direct then you won't have to buy a separate input tool. See information above.

Q: What is the blue button on the Input Tool used for?

  • A: It's another way to send the data from your tool to the computer. You have the option of using the data send button on your tool (such as a caliper), or the data send button found on some cables (see listing above) or the blue data send button located on the front of the input tool. When you push any of these buttons, the data is transferred to your computer and it is entered in the spreadsheet cell.

Q: I have an application where I need to read continuous data streams "simultaneously" from two Digimatic Indicators feeding an Excel spreadsheet through a wired connection to a Windows XP PC laptop. Can I accomplish this using two (2) USB-ITN-F cables and two (2) USB ports on my laptop, running Mitutoyo's ITPAK software?

  • A: These input tools do not send data continuously.

Q: I assume my options are limited to buying two (2) USB Input Tool cables connected to (2) Indicator cables which in turn connect to a "multiplexer" connected to a laptop.  If so, could you kindly recommend the multiplexer that would be my best value for my application?

  • A: MIG-4A Interface unit (110v), Mitutoyo part number 982-548-10A is your best choice.

Q: What happens when I try to use the USB input tool on a Mac?

  • A: The Mitutoyo input tool works effortlessly with Excel or another spreadsheet on a PC running Windows. Some third-party adapters will allow you to use it with a Mac. Contact us for information.

Q: We'll be using two Mitutoyo depth gauges simultaneously and want to pull measurement data from both into a single spreadsheet in Excel.

  • A: As long as you have at least two USB ports on the laptop, you will be fine without a HUB.

Q: When we hit the "data" button on the input tool, will it auto-fill into a highlighted spreadsheet cell?

  • A: This is exactly what will happen.

Q: Will it overwrite in the same cell if I keep pushing the data button, or does it advance to the next cell?

  • A: To avoid overwriting you will have to press "return" on your keyboard. You will have some control over how this works by setting the preferences in Excel. Once data is sent and entered in a cell, you can have the cursor automatically move to the next cell down or across.

Q: If you are not in a spreadsheet and hit the "data" button, what happens?

  • A: Data can also be entered into Word or Notes. We do not know what might happen if you had your address book open, for instance.


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