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Standard Gage - Dorsey Metrology
American made metric dial bore gauge


Sales Information: Standard Gage dial bore gages were manufactured in Poughkeepsie, New York until 2002. They made several different bore gage configurations at that time (perpendicular and vertical for example). Subsequent models were manufactured in Switzerland and sold by Brown & Sharpe. These gages were discontinued as of 2015.

As an alternative, you may wish to purchase the Standard-style bore gage made in USA by Dorsey Metrology. These have identical measuring heads but the dial indicator will carry the name Dorsey and it will have a convenient revolution counter hand. Parts are interchangeable between all the old an new models with the exception of the dial indicator portion of the gage.

  • Digital versions are also available
  • You have the option of converting your dial bore gage into a digital electronic gage.
  • See our page 8 for a comparison with other brands of dial bore gages.
  • Optional carbide and diamond contacts are now available. See parts on page 72.

In order to keep prices down, most of these gages ship in a simple styrofoam box. However, sturdy wood storage boxes are available for special orders such as bore gages with long depth extensions and for the combi-kits. Wood boxes can also be purchased as an option (see page 72).


Bore Gage Size 3 (inch reading) is shown above. Metric models will have yellow dials. (See bottom of this page)

The Centralizing Plungers automatically locate the gaging contacts on the bore diameter even when the gage is inserted at an angle.

Standard Gage dial indicator has 0.002 mm graduations and each model comes with all range extensions and adapters. The indicator has a yellow 0-10-0 dial—making 4 revolutions—for a total of 0.8 mm travel. The gaging depth shown is the maximum depth without extensions (available separately). Setting rings are not included.

Models with the DS- prefix (below) are made in USA by Dorsey of Poughkeepsie. They are identical in every way except for the dial indicator which will have the Dorsey name on it. The dial has a convenient revolution counter hand to let you know when you have travelled beyond your limits. Buying these will save you money and you'll be supporting an American manufacturer as well. We wouldn't sell them if we didn't think they were worth-while.


Order no.



Gaging Depth

Range mm

Your Price



64 mm

9.5 - 16.0





16.0 - 25.5






25.5 - 39.0






38.0 - 55.0






54.0 - 79.5






78.5 - 156






152.5 - 308


A selection of gaging depths is shown above. However, other depths are available for sizes 2 through 6. Please let us know if you have a special requirement.

Special combination offer

Model 2, 3, 4, and 5 combination kit: you will receive one 0.002 mm indicator, four interchangeable measuring heads (from 16 mm to 156 mm) and all the necessary extensions and wrenches, complete in a wooden case. Made by Dorsey in the USA. Order no. DS-B1-K2345M ... $1920.00


Depth extensions

Bore gage depth can be specified when the gage is purchased. Alternate depth extensions are available for bore gage model 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The depth which these bore gages can reach is called the "A" length and this length is available from 64 mm to 1,8 meters in various intervals. Please inquire about pricing and delivery. Extensions are not available for model 0 and model 1.

Extensions can also be purchased at a later time. Although, bought separately, they cost twice as much. The extension replaces the entire middle portion of the bore gage. You will have to insert it between the dial indicator and the measuring head. For example: a 250 mm extension, although only 230 mm long will give you a usable measuring depth of 250 mm when installed. Installation is self evident and not complicated. If you wish to purchase separate extensions, refer to the parts list.


Contact Points (plungers)

Each bore gage comes with a steel gaging plunger and steel centralizing plungers as shown below. Other combinations of carbide and diamond are also available.


Range Extensions


Each metric bore gage comes complete with all necessary range extensions. The range refers to the diameter of the bore to be measured. You may, however, wish to buy them individually to replace damaged or lost pieces. A locknut keeps them securely in place. In some models, two wrenches are required to tighten the extension and locknut. In models size 2 and larger, a separate contact point is screwed into the range extension. This contact point is available in steel, carbide or diamond. Refer to specific models in the spare parts lists.

Refer to the range extension chart on page 13 to determine which extension to use for the diameters being measured.




Accuracy in bore gages is determined solely on the basis of the indicator's performance. For gage sizes 0 and 1, the accuracy is ±1/2 graduation over the entire range. For gage sizes 2 through 6, the accuracy is ±1/5 graduation. In all cases, repeatability is 1/5 graduation.


Spare parts


Additional spare parts are available for any current model made in Switzerland or USA. Refer to page 72.



Books by René Urs Meyer

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