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Brown & Sharpe Universal Back Plunger Indicator
made in USA

Brown & Sharpe 599-7739 back plunger indicator
with .001" graduations and .200" range (makes two revolutions) ...
check price and availability

This is a complete set which includes the following accessories: (see photo of complete set below)

  • Swivel clamp
  • Clamp with 1-5/16" range and 1/4" threaded hole
  • Holel measuring attachment with mount
  • Measuring bar with tapped through holes
  • Long holding rod
  • Short holding rod
  • Plastic storage case
  • Made in USA

Some of the accessories are also separately available from Amazon.

You might also be interested in these:

  • Brown & Sharpe 599-7040 back plunger indicator made by BC Ames see information
  • Mitutoyo Back Plunger indicator which has a revolution counter (see page 106)
  • Käfer (Germany) makes a robust and versatile indicator (see page 226).
  • Starrett Model 196 remains one of the best sellers in the US (see page 226).


From our reference shelf:

The Companion Reference Book on Dial and Test Indicators … page 178
BesTest and TesaTast Indicator Repair Manual … page 177
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual … page 199
Interapid Indicator Repair Manual …
page 208
Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual ... page 194

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