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Mitutoyo Dial Caliper
Your best choice in dial calipers


Mitutoyo 6" model 505-675


The workmanship of this Brazilian made Mitutoyo dial caliper is clean and refined. It has the much sought after thumb roller which gives you great control in opening and closing the jaws. The sides of the beam have been coated with titanium. This means that there won't be any play—and errors—because of heavy use. It also gives them a nice and smooth slide. The dial numbers are very large and readable on a bright white face, without any annoying and misleading subdivisions.

Take note that, because of their low price, repairs will not be economical. Treat these (especially the 4" and 6" models) as "throw-aways" when the time comes. If you just need to replace a crystal or other simple part, you can always buy parts online by going to page 72.

To use the calipers for depth measurement, add a T-Bar depth base attachment as shown on page 203.


Model No.

(Old model no.)


2013 Price




















  • resolution .001"
  • accuracy: .001" per 6"
  • hard plastic case for safe storage
  • thumb roller for great control
  • coated beam for long life
  • detailed instructions included in multiple languages
  • manufacturer's calibration certificate
  • 1-year warranty

    Discontinued models:
  • model 505-676 was formerly model 505-644-50
  • model 505-677 was formerly model 505-645-50


The hand no longer returns to zero, can I make an adjustment?


On the older Mitutoyo models you had a copper "key" designed to fit into a hole in the side of the body so that you could reset the hand. In these new models, that feature is no longer available. If the hand is way off zero and you can't live with it, it means the gears have jumped a tooth and you'll have to return it for servicing. For repair service details, see page 30.


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