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Micro-Hite Electronic Height Gage
Tesa-Hite Electronic Height Gauge

Micro-Hite 350, Micro-Hite Plus M 350, Micro-Hite Plus D 350
Micro-Hite 600, Micro-Hite Plus M 600, Micro-Hite Plus D 600
Micro-Hite 900, Micro-Hite Plus M 900, Micro-Hite Plus D 900


Computer connection using USB


USBcable04761063All Tesa Micro-Hite gages with Sub-D 9 interfaces can be connected to your PC using USB cable No. 04761063 ... $154.00 (DataDirect demo included) The cable plugs into the 9 pin socket at the back of the height gage.

Tesa DataDirect acquisition software is then used to collect, manage and send data to spreadsheets such as Excel. The demo version of DataDirect is included with the USB cable and the full version can be purchased as a download, if desired, at an additional cost.

We will glady e-mail you a free PDF pamphlet outlining the various possibilities of connecting your Tesa gages to your PC. Just send us a request.




This is the only accessory or part which we are currently offering for the electronic height gage.




Q: Do you service the Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite Digital height gage 599-1011-32? We are getting an error code.

A: Please contact Hexagon Metrology at 1 (800) 283-3600 for servicing.




Repair Manuals by René Urs Meyer

The Companion Reference Book on Dial and Test Indicators … page 178
Repair Manual for Swiss-made BesTest and TesaTast Indicators … page 177
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual … page 199
Interapid Indicator Repair Manual … page 208
Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 194

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