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Kafer Dial Indicator
versatile metric dial indicator made in Germany


Kafer M2T dial indicator


Basic Kafer model M2T comes with flat back and steel point

Kafer M2T dial indicator with 10 mm range, made in Germany, is a basic, well built dial indicator which can be used for any and all metric reading applications. The M2.5 contact point is fully exchangeable to many different shapes and styles (see our page 133 for a selection of optional points).

The 30 mm range indicator (M2/30T) differs in that the exposed spindle length is 35 mm instead of the 15 mm shown in the drawing above, and the upper spindle protrusion is 33 mm instead of the 13 mm shown in the drawing.

Take a look at these specifications:

  • Graduations: 0.01 mm
  • Range: 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm or 50 mm
  • Range per revolution: 1 mm
  • Bezel diameter: 58 mm (Group 2)
  • Stem diameter: 8 mm
  • Mounting stem length: 22 mm
  • Back: flat
  • Tolerance markers
  • All metal bezel
  • Contact point: M2.5 spherical insert (ruby ball on model M2TS)
  • Shockproof movement on model M2TS
  • Accuracy according to DIN EN ISO 463 / DIN 878

Schematic for 10 mm model M2T shown above

What's really interesting about Model M2T and M2/30T is the optional configurations possible. For example: while almost all indicators of any brand ship with plastic crystals (lenses) you have to option to get these with genuine glass. You may order any of these modifications to your basic indicator, but they must be made at the time of ordering since they are factory modifications which can usually not be added at a later time.

Note that the spindle diameters are 4 mm in the basic models, but a heftier 5 mm in the others. The stem diameter remains 8 mm on all models.

  • Genuine glass crystal (installed) ... $20 add on
  • Lug back 40055 (1/4" hole) ... $20 add on
  • NIST certificate of calibration (in English) ... $35 add on


Model no.



Dial Ø

Total error

Stem Ø


2017 Price

M 2 T Basic

0.01 mm

10 mm

58 mm

17 µm

8 mm

4 mm ø spindle


M 2/10 T

0.01 mm

10 mm

58 mm

25 µm

8 mm

5 mm ø spindle


M 2/20 T

0.01 mm

20 mm

58 mm

25 µm

8 mm

5 mm ø spindle


M 2/30 T

0.01 mm

30 mm

58 mm

25 µm

8 mm

5 mm ø spindle


M 2/50 T

0.01 mm

50 mm

58 mm

25 µm

8 mm

5 mm ø spindle



You may order online by selecting any linked model number. You should also select any add-on items at this time. While basic indicators are normally in stock, any add on modifications may take extra time.


Kafer indicator spare parts


Some user-replaceable spare parts are available for these indicators. Take note of the part numbers and then proceed to page 143.

  • Back, flat plastic (46.4 mm diameter) ... 5.2304
  • Bezel (metal) ... 3.1027
  • Bezel (plastic) ... 3.2302
  • Crystal (glass) ... 5.2102
  • Crystal (plastic) ... 5.2101
  • Tolerance marker (one piece) ... 3.1002
  • Spacing ring (for under the crystal) ... 3.1003

Note: bezel replacement is complicated by three retaining clips located underneath the dial. This is not an easy repair.




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