Brown & Sharpe Valueline Dial Calipers
made in China


Brown & Sharpe's offering of more economically priced gages includes this Chinese made series of dial calipers with white or black dials. They offer everything you might want: they look like dial calipers, work like dial calipers, smell like dial calipers, and have a trusted American brand name on them. Since most calipers are not economically repairable, you may feel it is a better non-investment to get a set of inexpensive calipers and just toss them away when the time comes. You can buy a new set for the price of a repair.

  • Reading: .001"
  • Thumb roller: none (this is the economy model which rides smoothly without the need for a thumb roller)
  • Batteries: none (this is all mechanical)
  • Accuracy: up to 4" = .0008", greater than 4" = .0012" (just like all other dial calipers)
  • Caution! Repair service is unavailable. Parts will not be available.

Optional depth bar: 05.60013 (aka 00560013)


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Ref: TESA 2016 BS-6

(*) Your online order will be made through Long Island Indicator Service, an authorized distributor for Brown & Sharpe. This way, you will be assured of gage brand authenticity.


What will go wrong with your dial calipers?

  • Your calipers can become useless if a metal chip wedges itself against the teeth of the rack, which is partially covered, and you force the dial over the chip. This will bend or break a tooth on the gear. Useless.
  • Oil gets into the movement? Usually no problem. Coolant can gum up the works. Rinse it without disassembly in a solvent such as Naphtha.
  • The tips of the jaws get bent or broken. Useless.
  • Disassembly? Good luck getting it back together again. Don't do it.
  • The crystal cracks or gets cloudy. You might be able to buy a replacement crystal if you can find one. Don't ask us.
  • The hand no longer points to zero. Tough call. If still accurate, leave well enough alone.
  • Nothing moves anymore. This is a throw-away model in a throw-away world. Hopefully you got your money's worth out of it.


Q: I’m looking to get a 6 inch caliper and I was curious what is your opinion of the Valueline Brown and Sharpe vs. the 599? It’s only $50 more for the 599. Is it worth it?

  • We're not sure that there is any difference. Both are made in China although they have the B&S name on them. We would opt for the Valueline at this point.


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