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Machinist and Metrology Reference Books

A greaBeachTowelt many reference books, manuals and useful "how-to" guides are available to assist the student, novice and professional machinist alike. Some of these are exhaustive text books and others self-published companion works.

It doesn't hurt to have some of these on hand, even if it is for vacation reading. Not kidding, we have done that ourselves.

A nice beach in the Bahamas or el Condado and a good book on taking accurate measurements of a bore diameter—add a thermos of chilled Margaritas—and you are all set.

We don't claim to have read all of these and can't pass judgment but check them out. Some of the quotes are taken from actual readers' reviews.

Maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for. If you haven't decided on your next beach vacation spot yet, consider coming to Long Island next summer. We really do have some of the best!

Bottoms up!

Read of the week:


The Metrology Handbook full details

Repair Manual for Swiss-made BesTest and TesaTast Indicators by René Urs Meyer. Complete and fully illustrated. Contains detailed photographs of every step required to disassemble, clean, and reassemble these indicators. Step-by-step instructions on replacing and repairing damaged parts. Illustrated parts lists, parts breakdowns, exploded view drawings. Calibration trouble shooting. Repair tools and techniques. Based on over 35 years of personal experience.


Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual by René Urs Meyer. Fully illustrated instructions on repairing these American stalwarts.


Interapid Indicator Repair Manual by René Urs Meyer. Fully illustrated instructions on repairing these Swiss indicators.


Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual by René Urs Meyer. Fully illustrated instructions on the repair of these Swiss indicators. Parts lists, drawings, require tools, calibration, etc.

A Measure of All Things (Ian Whitelaw) is a well-researched page-turning, illustrated look at the way things concrete and theoretical are and have been measured. It ranges from the history of measurement systems (from the earliest times to the present) to the different classes of measurements (length, area, volume, mass, time, temparature, speed, power, energy, pressure and everyday, unscientific measurements). A Measure of All Things covers the origins of the various units of measurement, the ways in which they developed and changed over time, and the many connections between them. click to read reviews, check price and stock

Rust: The Longest War by Jonathan Waldman The bane of every manufacturer, rust will ruin spare parts, gage blocks and valuable tools. Who knew that a book could be written about it? It has been called “the great destroyer” and “the evil.” The Pentagon refers to it as “the pervasive menace.” It destroys cars, fells bridges, sinks ships, sparks house fires, and nearly brought down the Statue of Liberty. Rust costs America more than $400 billion per year—more than all other natural disasters combined. click to read reviews, check price and stock

Fundamentals of Dimensional Metrology by Connie Dotson. Reflecting the latest changes in standards and technology, this new edition "combines hands-on applications with authoritative, comprehensive coverage of the principles, techniques, and devices used within today's dimensional metrology field." click to read reviews, check price and stock

Machine Shop Trade Secrets by James Harvey. The things they didn't teach you in school. click to read reviews, check price and stock

The New American Machinist's Handbook by Rupert Le Grand (1572 pages) Serious, heavy and expensive but you can find used versions. Will require a very long vacation. click to read reviews, check price and stock

Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition by Erik Oberg, considered the "Bible" of the machining trade for over 100 years. It is continually being updated, has 90 additonal pages and is finally printed on better quality paper. click to read reviews, check price and stock

The Metrology Handbook, Second Edition by Jay L. Bucher. "The Metrology Handbook provides a foundation for understanding basic metrology and calibration principles and practices, and is appropriate for those with intermediate or advanced experience seeking to increase their knowledge." click to read reviews, check stock and price

Metal Lathe for Home Machinists by Harold Hall (paperback) "The author takes you step-by-step through projects of increasing complexity. Even better, you'll build tools you'll use in your shop, and use in the next project in the book. Very good explanations of how to use the lathe. You will start out as a novice, and end up being a really good lathe operator by the end." click to read reviews, check price and stock

Tool & Cutter Sharpening by Harold Hall. An indispensable aid for mastering one of the most elemental tasks of any machine shop operation, hobbyist to pro alike. click to read reviews, check price and stock

Machining Fundamentals by John R. Walker is a favorite textbook for the beginning machinist, student or apprentice; used in many classrooms wherever machining is taught. click to read reviews, check price and stock

Whatever Happened to the Metric System? by John Bemelmans Marciano. Stuck in the yin-yang of inches vs. millimeters? In this history of measurements, learn why the United States has kept inching along with the Imperial system. Guaranteed to start conversations at the captain's table, on the Lido Deck or any place you choose to make yourself conspicuous. Looks professional on your office shelf as well. This book comes recommended by Science News. click to read reviews, check price and stock

Are you intimidated by the weight of books? After all, three weeks in Paris may require 5 to 8 books per person (you will be reading them in the parks). The Kindle reader not only solves the vacation book dilemma—and excess baggage weight—but also keeps your bookshelves at home clear for other "stuff" like antique measuring tools.

If you are like us, you have considered the Kindle but never quite had the gumption to take the plunge. Take another look and see what you think...

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from our reference shelf:

BesTest and TesaTast Indicator Repair Manual … page 177
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual … page 199
Interapid Indicator Repair Manual … page 208
Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual ... page 194

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