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Mitutoyo Test Indicator Repair Manual

For Mitutoyo Series 513-400 manufactured between 1997 and 2016


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Can it be fixed? (an excerpt from the Repair Manual)

We shall begin by examining the Mitutoyo indicator to see if it is worth repairing. The most common reasons why these indicators come in for repair:

  • The bezel is falling off or the crystal is cracked or has popped out. These are plastic parts which get damaged easily.
  • Oil has gotten into the hairspring and the indicator no longer repeats or is sluggish.
  • The ball bearings are ruined due to rust or shock at the contact point end.
  • The contact point has broken off leaving the thread in the pivot.
  • Everything is gummed up with coolant or grime.
  • Someone has tampered with ball bearing adjustment.

Mitutoyo has changed the design and construction of its indicators many times since the 1960s. You are not likely to find spare parts for models made prior to 1997.

➡ Before you invest any time in a repair attempt, make sure you won’t need any obsolete parts.

Recent models rarely need more than a cleaning and a new bezel/crystal assembly. Even one additional part won’t break the bank.

For a successful repair, start at the beginning and follow all the steps in this book. Do not jump to any single conclusion. You will probably be disappointed with the results.

If you find that some aspect of the repair is not covered or is less than clear in this manual, please check this website for updates, customer questions and, hopefully, appropriate and useful answers.


Which models are covered in this repair manual?

The following models are covered in this repair manual. This also includes models with -01 or -06 suffixes (but not -10 or -16 which began production in 2017).

  • 513-402
  • 513-403
  • 513-412
  • 513-462
  • 513-463
  • 513-442
  • 513-443
  • 513-446
  • 513-452
  • 513-453
  • 513-401
  • 513-404
  • 513-405
  • 513-414
  • 513-415
  • 513-424
  • 513-474
  • 513-464
  • 513-465
  • 513-466
  • 513-425
  • 513-426
  • 513-444
  • 513-445
  • 513-454
  • 513-455


The one tool that is absolutely essential for repairing the Mitutoyo test indicators

Craftsman Tools Phillips Screwdriver 0


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