Life's Punch With Aloha!

Readers and listeners have often told us how easy it is to understand John's poetry and how good his diction is. We remember two German-speaking tourists stopping to listen him read on a Swiss alp. "How clearly he speaks," they remarked, and stayed to hear another one. This gave us the idea that along with publishing this series of poems, we should also record John reading them. Students of the English language can follow along and learn some new Americanisms or idiomatic expressions, or just increase their vocabulary. Granted, John's readings aren't always 100% on the mark, but why should a student be expected to speak perfectly when the teacher can't do it either? We hope this colletion is taken in the spirit in which it is presented. Language is entertaining, after all. (Life's Punch With Aloha! is also available in print.)

280: Question Authority (No.1-4)

281: Happy Retirement (No.5-8)

282: Magical Voices (No.9-12)

286: Change of Heart ( No.13-16)

287: A Peaceful City (No.17-20)

288: Life's Punch (No.21-24)

289: A Defining Culprit (No.25-28)

290: It's in the telling (No.29-32)

291: It's a New Century (No.33-36)

293: A Lounging Life (No.37-40)

294: A Vacationing Muse (No.41-44)

296: A Poem's Simplicity (No.45-48)

297: Savoring Moments (No.49-52)

295: Musical Moments (No.53-56)

298: The Butterfly (No.57-60)

299: Trust the Young (No.61-64)

300: Tricking Time (No.65-68)

301: Egotistic Warriors (No.69-72)

302: Planning Time (No.73-76)

303: Holding Hands (No.77-80)

304: The Mountainside Walk (No.81-84)

305: Sleeping Is Fun (No.85-88)

306: Silent Scenery (No.89-92)

307: Secrets in Sound (No.93-95)

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