Some memorials are intended to last forever, some are fleeting: In Milan they are ostentatious monuments—in simple churchyards they can be as simple as a slab of stone—in the Caribbean they were terribly damaged by the hurricanes—in Paris they attract fans and devotees of the well-known—in alpine mountain hamlets they are known only to local families.

Of all the memorials we've filmed over the years, the most frequently viewed turns out to be the one of the courtesan commonly known as "Lady of the Camellias", the real-life heroine of Verdi's opera La Traviata.

The Gravesite Memorial Project

430: 23 Silvio 98 Felix Camenisch Memorial, Bergkirchli (Innerarosa, Switzerland)

429: James Joyce (Friedhof Fluntern, Zürich, Switzerland)

427: Jöri Ardüser–Gartmann (1935-2016) (Langwies, Graubünden, Switzerland)

413: William Miller (1810-1872) Memorial Gravesite in Glasgow (The Necropolis)

408: Annie M.G. Schmidt Memorial Gravesite (Amsterdam)

407: Manfred Langer (1952-1994) Memorial Gravesite (Amsterdam)

405: Mike (a face on black granite) (Zorgvlied Cemetery in Amsterdam)

404: Saskia Boon, cellist (1946-2017) (in Zorgvlied, Amsterdam)

336: Eddie Orlando Pérez Memorial Gravesite (in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico)

335: Rafael Tufiño Memorial Gravesite (in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico)

334: José Luis 'Chavito' Marrero Memorial Gravesite (in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico)

325: Irma Laudenbacher-Sottovia memorial gravesite (in La Punt-Chamues-ch, Switzerland)

324: Hans Vincenz (1907–1933) memorial gravesite (in La Punt-Chamues-ch, Switzerland)

263: Toscanini Family Tomb in the Monumental Cemetery of Milan (on location in Italy)

255: Edoardo and Camilla Borioli memorial gravesite (on location in Milan, Italy)

248: Leemann-Freund Memorial in Uetikon am See (on location in Switzerland)

234: Margrit Messikommer Memorial (on location in Uster, Switzerland)

232: Andreas Gredig-Fanconi Memorial (on location in Pontresina, Switzerland)

231: Berti Albert Willy-Camadini (1925-2014) Memorial (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

230: Hans und Martha Meyer-Köng Memorial (on location in Uster, Switzerland)

229: Gianni Picco-Egli (1927-2008) Memorial (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

227: Emil Casty (1927–1994) gravesite (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

226: Adolf Hänz (1920-1976) gravesite (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

225: Mario Stuppan Memorial (1924-2001) (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

222: Mathias Cabalzar (1898-1978) (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

219: Walter Camichel-Schech Memorial (1924-1998) (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

215: Paul Schmidt (1911-1985) : Mena Schmidt (1913-1992) Memorial (on location in Pontresina)

214: Arnold Pfister (1898-1998) : Martha Pfister Memorial (on location in Pontresina)

97: Oscar Wilde: "Some of us are looking at the stars" Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

92: Samuel Beckett: "Birth was the death of him" Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

91: Simone Signoret & Yves Montand Gravesite Memorial (in Paris, France)

90: Stendahl Paris Memorial Gravesite "A very small degree of hope is sufficient" (in Paris, France)

86: Susan Sontag: "The camera makes everyone a tourist" (memorial gravesite in Paris, France)

85: The Chorister Memorial, an unsung hero (on location at Pére Lachaise, Paris, France)

83: Vaslav Nijinsky: "I am a mad clown" Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris)

82: Victor and Marc Schoelcher Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris)

80: Marcel Marceau Memorial Gravesite: without words (on location in Paris)

79: Nadia Boulanger memorial gravesite: "Life is denied by lack of attention" (on location in Paris, France)

78: Marcel Proust Grave Site: "Possession makes everything wither and fade" (on location in Paris, France)

77: Louis Lacombe "Philosophie et musique" Gravesite Memorial (in Paris, France)

73: Jean Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

72: Jean Seberg Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris, France)

71: Don't let them tame you Isadora Duncan Gravesite Memorial (in Paris, France)

70: When words leave off, music begins Heinrich Heine Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

69: Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils Hector Berlioz Memorial (in Paris, France)

68: Gertrude Stein & Alice B Toklas Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

67: America is an adorable woman chewing tobacco Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi Memorial (Paris, France)

66: Film lovers are sick people François Truffaut Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

64: A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind Eugène Ionesco Memorial (gravesite in Paris)

63: A taste for simplicity cannot endure for long Eugène Delacroix Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

62: The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it Émile Zola Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

61: Death is the beginning of something Edith Piaf Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

60: Constantin Brancusi Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

59: Creator of the Pigeon Lamp Charles Pigeon Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

57: André Citroën Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris, France)

56: Alphonsine Plessis, La Dame aux Camélias, Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France) most popular video

55: Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, memorial gravesite (on location in Paris)

54: Adolphe Adam Memorial Gravesite, Composer of the ballet Giselle (on location in Paris)

53: Abélard et Héloïse Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

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