The quality of video has certainly changed—dramatically so—in the past 20 years. We have rescued some of our earlier videos and will be using them as an interactive reference in an upcoming book, tentatively titled 300+ days in Switzerland. Because of the low definition, it is best to watch these in a very small screen size. The mobile phone would be ideal. A 42" TV monitor would be a very, very bad idea.

390: Looking for the drummer with Betty (in Eisten)

389: Betty Brings Home the Bread (in Eisten)

388: Aunt Hedi Sweeps the Terrace (in Büttikon)

385: Betty Describes Sledding On the Tännberg (1998)

384: Where is it? (Goppenstein)

383: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Arriving in Kandersteg

382: What Are They Talking About? (Swiss-German dialect)

381: I Didn't Do That (Schloss Lenzburg, 1998)

377: Ernst Kunz Memorial

376: Waldesruh' z'Vieri (in Büttikon, 1998)

375: The Pit and the Apricot (in Büttikon, 1998)

374: Through the Tunnel to St. Ursanne (1998)

373: From La-Chaux-de-Fonds to Porrentruy and vice versa

372: Let's See What's Around That Corner

371: Zwergli Tales of Porrentruy (1998)

370: Tower of the Château de Porrentruy

369: Deadly Nightshade in Porrentruy Jardin Botanique

368: Neuchâtel — Five Scenes with Denise Lauper-Auer

364: An Elegant Traffic Cop in Delémont (1998)

363: Cirque Knie in Delémont

362: He Crosses the Street in Outremont

360: Geneva Rubbish or Does He Love Me?

359: The Reformation Stampede (in Geneva)

358: The Elusive Mask of Comedy (in Geneva)

356: Shopping with Betty in Uster

354: The Felskin Walk (above Saas Fee)

353: A Bakery in Saas Fee

352: Cow Sheds of Eisten

351: A Tour Of the Anthematten Chalet (in Furggstalden)

350: The Smoke House (in Furggstalden)

347: Tour Bayart ("The Tower" in Saillon)

346: A Tough Decision For a Cat (in Saas Grund)

344: Kreuzboden Cable Car Mechanism

343: It's Cuckoo Time in Furggstalden

342: A Pebble in the Shoe at Eisten

341: Training Swiss Cows To Follow the Leader

340: Finding Lodging and Digging Potatoes in Unter den Bodmen

339: Cooking With Betty in Eisten

333: Souvenir Pins of Switzerland

332: Animated Swiss Music Box at Glovelier Railroad Station


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