We made our first video public on March 18, 2010 and have added—well, you can see below—scores more since then. Ironically, the most popular one was just a throw-away about the EU elections in Malta. The good folks in Malta seem to enjoy watching that one. The other videos are a grab-bag of styles, ideas and locations. We do them whenever we come up with a new idea. John reads his poetry; I showcase some of my compositions; we do puppet shows for the neighbors; John performs eccentric dances; we highlight some family and friends; we visit graveyards; we showcase some of our collections. Nothing profound. Nothing that gets tens of thousands of likes. Sometimes not even a dozen. We do them for our own amusement and if, occasionally, someone else is amused that's a okay with us. If you are that someone, please let us know.


Are you curious about our literary efforts?

Life's Punch With Aloha!

Readers and listeners have often told us how easy it is to understand John's poetry and how good his diction is. We remember two German-speaking tourists stopping to listen him read on a Swiss alp. "How clearly he speaks," they remarked, and stayed to hear another one. This gave us the idea that along with publishing this series of poems, we should also record John reading them. Students of the English language can follow along and learn some new Americanisms or idiomatic expressions, or just increase their vocabulary. Granted, John's readings aren't always 100% on the mark, but why should a student be expected to speak perfectly when the teacher can't do it either? We hope this colletion is taken in the spirit in which it is presented. Language is entertaining, after all. (Life's Punch With Aloha! is available in print.)

307: Secrets in Sound (No.93-95)

306: Silent Scenery (No.89-92)

305: Sleeping Is Fun (No.85-88)

304: The Mountainside Walk (No.81-84)

303: Holding Hands (No.77-80)

302: Planning Time (No.73-76)

301: Egotistic Warriors (No.69-72)

300: Tricking Time (No.65-68)

299: Trust the Young (No.61-64)

298: The Butterfly (No.57-60)

295: Musical Moments (No.53-56)

297: Savoring Moments (No.49-52)

296: A Poem's Simplicity (No.45-48)

294: A Vacationing Muse (No.41-44)

293: A Lounging Life (No.37-40)

291: It's a New Century (No.33-36)

290: It's in the telling (No.29-32)

289: A Defining Culprit (No.25-28)

288: Life's Punch (No.21-24)

287: A Peaceful City (No.17-20)

286: Change of Heart ( No.13-16)

282: Magical Voices (No.9-12)

281: Happy Retirement (No.5-8)

280: Question Authority (No.1-4)

Purely Entertainment

322: Looking for the silver lining

321: If this is so (why do I enjoy being alone?) on location in Palma de Mallorca

320: Two Cigarettes in the Dark

319: Miró òriM (at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca)

318: ‪The Screen Test (He auditions for the part of Peggy Pepper)‪‬

316: Night Scape / Passatge Quint (on location in Palma de Mallorca)

315: 50 Scenes in front of a Yellow Painting (sin sonido / without sound)

314: Sun Shower / Passatge Quint (on location in Palma de Mallorca)

313: eia ergo / keep turning (on location at Es Baluard in Palma de Mallorca)

312: Storm Scene / Passatge Quint (on location in Palma de Mallorca)

285: How to fold a tripod

284: The Bells are Ringing in Varenna (on location on Lake Como, Italy)

283: JWG Live! Broadway in Switzerland

277: Higher amounts are possible in thunder storms

275: Strange Things Are Happening

272: The Skiffle Cats Swiss Reunion Tour

269: Peter Meyer's The Nutcracker

268: Washing the fence at Zwerglipatch

267: The Redheads of Hancock (on location in New Hampshire)

265: He got a blister on a rocking horse (on location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

264: Here's My Baby (on location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

261: He tips his hat in the Gingko leaves of Brera (on location in Milan, Italy)

260: He opens the door on Corso Garibaldi (on location in Milan, Italy)

251: The Zwerglipatch Advent Calendars by JWGrum

250: John shows off his skeleton costume from 1959

249: By the waters of the Zürisee (on location on Lake Zurich, Switzerland)

247: The Zwerglipatch Advent Calendars (2004-2016) an interview by JWGrum

246: Zwergli cowbells (on location in Madulain, Switzerland)

245: Quaibrücke at night (on location in Zurich, Switzerland)

244: The Railroad Gallop (on location in Switzerland)

243: La Punt Chamues-ch STOP on demand (on location in Switzerland)

242: Gessner's Dogs at the Old Botanic Garden in Zürich (on location in Switzerland)

241: Needs (choosing is difficult) (on location at Zurich Airport, Switzerland)

240: Swiss Cow Bells : chuäglöggli (on location at Signal, St. Mortiz, Switzerland)

239: Motta Naluns (on location in Scuol-Tarasp, Switzerland)

238: I've been pollinating the Gesneriaceae (on location in Zürich, Switzerland)

237: Napkin folding (on location at Ospizio Bernina in Graubünden, Switzerland)

236: Swiss Milk Tram No.2 "Farbhof" (on location in Zürich, Switzerland)

235: Heureka by Jean Tinguely (on location at Lake Zürich, Switzerland)

228: It's All About the Hat (on a Swiss alp above Zuoz, Switzerland)

224: The Fat Lady Sings (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

223: Vallember (on location in Susauna, Switzerland)

221: What did he (ABC XYZ) say at the Hotel Castell? (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

220: Friends Chosen Wisely : Zuoz as seen through a curtain of water (on location in Switzerland)

218: Turandot at the Bar

217: Do you read Autobiographies?

216: The Two RRs of Fairbourne

213: Zuoz Staziun (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

212: Come ye not from Newcastle?

211: Jumping Jocks

209: el velorio (the wake)

208: Mir Lüt uf em Land (Swiss Folk Song Arrangement)

206: in comprehensible Edinburgh (on location in Scotland)

205: Monkey see, monkey do

204: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Statue (on location in Edinburgh, Scotland)

203: John Wm Garand was not hurt in the making of this video (on location in Edinburgh, Scotland)

200: A sunny day in Arthog and the clothes are dry (on location in Arthog, Wales)

199: He drops his pants in Arthog (on location in Northern Wales)

198: The George: First Port of Call in Dublin (on location in Ireland)

195: He Picks up the trash with a hop, skip and a jump (on location in Edinburgh, Scotland)

194: Twenty Pounds on the Mound (on location in Edinburgh, Scotland)

192: pst! Doing the Fairbourne Bounce (on location in Fairbourne, Northern Wales)

191: Looking for Eight (on location in Edinburgh)

189: Twilight of the Princes (on location in Edinburgh)

188: Eye Spy The Calton Hill (on location in Edinburgh)

179: Timmy @ Thurston Lava Tube (on location in Hawaii)

173: Garand with Miss Conception (on location at The Palm Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

170: Saas Almagell : Bamboula (on location in Switzerland)

126: Gavotte in an Alphabet Coat

109: A Merry Romp (on location on the Rinderberg, Switzerland)

104: después de crepúsculo (by Lydia of Taos, New Mexico)

84: The Water Pitcher of Grandson Castle (on location in Switzerland)

9: 1776 at UNH in 1994 with John Wm Garand as John Adams

1: No! No! Maui (What they won't let you do in Hawaii) (on location)

Original Music

323: Fancy That! (Op.10 for piano and bass written in 1972)

309: Canti Svizzeri (for symphonic band, 1990 premiere performance broadcast on Swiss Public Radio)

279: A Brief Affair (Toccata No.5) (piano solo)

278: Toccata for Glenn Gould (piano solo)

276: Dea r Aunt Lau ra (piano solo)

274: Toccata No.2 (piano solo)

262: Masquerade with Napoleon at the Pinacoteca di Brera

259: A Christmas Song for my brother Roy

258: Cat Dreams (dedicated to sleeping cats everywhere)

257: Rest, Rest (a Christmas song for my mother)

256: I can't be Santa Claus anymore

254: Uncle John's Bells

190: Nostalgic Dance No.4 (on location at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh)

178: Scherzo at Liliuokalani Gardens (on location in Hilo, Hawaii)

176: The Cold Spell

172: Hot in Hilo (Hawaiian mele and hula)

171: The Howling Ages / Jack London (harpsichord)

167: Boogie Doggie (Walking the Mop Hounds in Hauppauge)

165: Observations on Nathan Hale (piano solo)

158: the faculty of walking (flute and bassoon)

125: pitted like a honeycomb (music for flute and bassoon)

113: as a ship with sails and ropes (flute and bassoon)

99: kind of earth boring drill (flute and bassoon)

88: Fantasia on Max & Moritz (symphonic band transcribed for organ)

48: united with glue (flute and bassoon)

47: tsuga mertensiana (flute and bassoon)

46: Grand Festival Music for Easter (organ)

45: Magnificat (piano)

44: Hot Under the Collar (piano)

43: Walking the Kilauea Iki Crater (Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii)

40: A View of the Enemy (marimba ensemble)

39: Konane (Stones) (three guitars)

38: Puerto Rico Suite (two pianos)

37: Solitude (flute and harp)

36: Looking at Hawai'i (two pianos)

35: Looking at Big Island (piano solo)

34: Clouds: Toccata for Piano

33: Hurly-Burly Life (on location in Puerto Rico)

32: Braving the Wild Surf of Puerto Rico's north shore

31: A Romp through Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

30: Lament Music for Good Friday (organ)

29: Exploring the Forts of Old San Juan

28: A Lark at El Yunque

27: It Takes Two (playing with stones on location at Lapakahi, Big Island)

26: Learning to Surf (on locationat Playa Isla Verde in Puerto Rico)

22: Scherzo on the Rocks (on location at Daubensee, Switzerland)

21: Scherzo on a Stump (on location in Geneva, Switzerlandc)

20: Scherzo on a Swiss Alp

8: The Eccentric Dance of Drumming in a Maui Bamboo Grove (on location in Hawaii)

7: The Eccentric Dance at the Montauk Point Lighthouse (on location on Long Island)

6: The Eccentric Dance of The Walking Dunes (on location on Long Island)

5: The Eccentric Dance of The Boboli Threesome (on location in Florence, Italy)

4: The Eccentric Dance at Shoshone Point (on location at the Grand Canyon)

3: Grand Canyon Orchestral Interlude

The White House Christmas Ornament Collection

168: Louisa Adams White House Christmas Ornament

156: Dolley Madison White House Christmas Ornament

152: Ida McKinley White House Christmas Ornament

151: Frances Cleveland — Second Term — White House Christmas Ornament

150: Caroline Harrison White House Christmas Ornament

149: Frances Cleveland — First Term — White House Christmas Ornament

148: Chester A. Arthur White House Christmas Ornament

147: Lucretia Garfield White House Christmas Ornament

146: First Lady Lucy Hayes White House Christmas Ornament

145: First Lady Julia Boggs Grant (1869-1877) White House Christmas Ornament

144: First Lady Eliza Johnson White House Christmas Ornament

143: First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln White House Ornament

142: James Buchanan White House Christmas Ornament

141: First Lady Jane Means Pierce White House Christmas Ornament

140: First Lady Abigail Fillmore White House Christmas Ornament

139: First Lady Margaret Taylor White House Christmas Ornament

138: First Lady Sarah Polk White House Christmas Ornament

137: First Lady Julia Tyler White House Christmas Ornament

136: First Lady Jane Harrison White House Christmas Ornament

135: Hannah Van Buren White House Christmas Ornament

134: Jackson White House Christmas Ornament

133: Elizabeth and James Monroe White House Christmas Ornament

132: First Lady Martha Jefferson White House Ornament

131: First Lady Abigail Adams White House Christmas Ornament

130: First Lady Martha Washington White House Christmas Ornament

Zwerglipatch Puppet Shows

253: The Bearded Bird in Rehearsal (a Zwerglipatch puppet show, 2013)

233: Ev'rybody wants to be a Cat (Zwerglipatch shadow puppet show, 2015)

207: Carnival of the Zombies (A Shadow Puppet Play)

163: Zombie Mouse in Neverland (a shadow puppet show)

162: Zombie Mouse in Toyland (a shadow puppet show)

16: Little Orphan Zombie Mouse (a shadow puppet show)

11: Zombie Mouse Goes Bollywood (a shadow puppet show)

The Graveyard Memorial Project

263: Toscanini Family Tomb in the Monumental Cemetery of Milan (on location in Italy)

255: Edoardo and Camilla Borioli memorial gravesite (on location in Milan, Italy)

248: Leemann-Freund Memorial in Uetikon am See (on location in Switzerland)

234: Margrit Messikommer Memorial (on location in Uster, Switzerland)

232: Andreas Gredig-Fanconi Memorial (on location in Pontresina, Switzerland)

231: Berti Albert Willy-Camadini (1925-2014) Memorial (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

230: Hans und Martha Meyer-Köng Memorial (on location in Uster, Switzerland)

229: Gianni Picco-Egli (1927-2008) Memorial (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

227: Emil Casty (1927–1994) gravesite (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

226: Adolf Hänz (1920-1976) gravesite (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

225: Mario Stuppan Memorial (1924-2001) (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

222: Mathias Cabalzar (1898-1978) (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

219: Walter Camichel-Schech Memorial (1924-1998) (on location in Zuoz, Switzerland)

215: Paul Schmidt (1911-1985) : Mena Schmidt (1913-1992) Memorial (on location in Pontresina)

214: Arnold Pfister (1898-1998) : Martha Pfister Memorial (on location in Pontresina)

97: Oscar Wilde: "Some of us are looking at the stars" Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

92: Samuel Beckett: "Birth was the death of him" Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

91: Simone Signoret & Yves Montand Gravesite Memorial (in Paris, France)

90: Stendahl Paris Memorial Gravesite "A very small degree of hope is sufficient" (in Paris, France)

86: Susan Sontag: "The camera makes everyone a tourist" (memorial gravesite in Paris, France)

85: The Chorister Memorial, an unsung hero (on location at Pére Lachaise, Paris, France)

83: Vaslav Nijinsky: "I am a mad clown" Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris)

82: Victor and Marc Schoelcher Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris)

80: Marcel Marceau Memorial Gravesite: without words (on location in Paris)

79: Nadia Boulanger memorial gravesite: "Life is denied by lack of attention" (on location in Paris, France)

78: Marcel Proust Grave Site: "Possession makes everything wither and fade" (on location in Paris, France)

77: Louis Lacombe "Philosophie et musique" Gravesite Memorial (in Paris, France)

73: Jean Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

72: Jean Seberg Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris, France)

71: Don't let them tame you Isadora Duncan Gravesite Memorial (in Paris, France)

70: When words leave off, music begins Heinrich Heine Memorial Gravesite (in Paris, France)

69: Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils Hector Berlioz Memorial (in Paris, France)

68: Gertrude Stein & Alice B Toklas Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

67: America is an adorable woman chewing tobacco Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi Memorial (Paris, France)

66: Film lovers are sick people François Truffaut Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

64: A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind Eugène Ionesco Memorial (gravesite in Paris)

63: A taste for simplicity cannot endure for long Eugène Delacroix Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

62: The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it Émile Zola Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

61: Death is the beginning of something Edith Piaf Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

60: Constantin Brancusi Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

59: Creator of the Pigeon Lamp Charles Pigeon Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

57: André Citroën Memorial Gravesite (on location in Paris, France)

56: Alphonsine Plessis, La Dame aux Camélias, Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

55: Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, memorial gravesite (on location in Paris)

54: Adolphe Adam Memorial Gravesite, Composer of the ballet Giselle (on location in Paris)

53: Abélard et Héloïse Memorial (gravesite in Paris, France)

John Wm Garand Reads His Own Words

311: Trinkets form Es Baluard (on location in Palma de Mallorca)

292: Listen to Me (a fantasy based on Beethoven's Fifth Symphony)

273: The Chickadee and the Titmouse (from Walk With Me)

271: The Reader Writes / The Writer Reads

266: Independent Elder (on location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

252: It's not my fault I baffle people

210: Flag Day USA (Musings by JWG on Flag Day June 14, 2016)

202: A New Day / Proof of Survival

201: Dublin Wax Museum Literary Figures (on location in Ireland)

193: Feeling Serenity's Pulse (on location at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh)

185: It's not my fault I baffle People

183: Personal Galaxy

182: to be accepted / reality

181: there is nothing louder than silence

180: Done and Not Begun

177: I will SING Every Once in a While (Sea Shanties)

175: Mental Visuals

174: Serenity's Pulse

42: When Rainbows Appear / Protecting Existence

41: Taking time to think (from Mountain of Mulch read by John Wm Garand)

25: Basking in Aloha (on location at Lapakahi, Big Island)

24: The Eccentric Poet (on location in Geneva, Switzerland)

23: At Heaven's Door (on location in Ninole, Hawai'i)

19: The Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park (on location in Northern California)

18: Chipping away at the "I should have" list in the Redwoods

17: The Slide Rule and The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco

15: Walking the Grand Bisse de Vex (on location in Switzerland)

14: San Francisco Bit by Bit

13: Pussyfooting around San Francisco with the Freedom to Howl

12: The Comfort of Home read by John Wm Garand

2: Loving a New Day (JWGrum on location on Maui, Hawaii)

Odds & Ends

317: Museu Fondación Juan March (on location in Palma de Mallorca)

310: The Holy Cow Cardon in El Pescadero, Baja California Sur

197: Pippa Passes (on location in the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh)

196: The Flags of Pride 2016

184: Skatutakee Mountain Dreamer's Holiday (on location in New Hampshire)

166: Barmouth Bridge on the Afon Mawddach (on location in Wales)

164: The Poets' Ramble: Romain Rolland (on location on Lake Geneva, Switzerland)

161: Have you got a rope? (on location at The Blue Pool in Wales)

160: Collecting Camel Footprints (on location in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria)

159: Dear John (on location in Cape Town, South Africa)

155: Now, be serious! (an attack of the giggles on location in Switzerland)

154: Would we be able to get out any other way than through there? (on location in Wales)

153: The swan, the château, the trains of Veytaux (on location in Switzerland)

129: Wilhelm Tell (John reads an excerpt from Schiller's play, with original music)

128: Give a ham an (amphi) theater (on location in Martigny, Switzerland)

127: Fantasía en Vieques (on location in Puerto Rico)

124: I did say I was gonna stop? (on location in Lausanne, Switzerland)

123: Who's that knocking on my door? (on location on the Grand Bisse de Vex in Switzerland)

122: Shhh... all's not so quiet in Hawaii (sounds of the rain forest in Ninole, Big Island)

121: Wake me when it's over (The Trouble with the World Today) (at the Capitol in Washington D.C.)

120: Are we there yet? (Schoggi time at the Bisse du Milieu) (on location in Switzerland)

119: La Joyeuse by Jean-Philippe Rameau

118: Jigg Time at Castle Howard with Jeremiah Clarke (on location)

117: I don't suppose you can step over that carpet? (on location at Penrhyn Castle in Wales)

116: La Celosa at the Sacré Coeur carousel (on location in Paris, France)

115: Ballet Anglois (on location in Coneysthorpe, Yorkshire)

114: They're a bit rough (on location at Penrhyn Castle, Wales)

112: Triumph on a Big Rock (on location at Rochers de Naye, Switzerland)

110: The Hauppauge Zwerglipatch Gardens of Spring

103: The Last Blueberries (on location in Tracouet, Switzerland)

102: Two Gentlemen on the Guisan (on location on Lake Geneva, Switzerland)

101: The Rainbow Ditty (on location in Haute-Nendaz, Switzerland)

100: Not a Vampire in Sight (on location in Whitby, England)

98: The Cornish Pasty (on location in Chester, England)

96: Al Fresco at Sunnegga (on location in Zermatt, Switzerland)

94: The Ridley Race to the Sea (on location at Todos Santos, Mexico)

93: Smile Like You Did

87: The Oomps and the Pahs: Playing with Fire (on location in Montmartre, Paris)

81: A Cuppa on the Glacier Express (on location in Switzerland)

76: Chocolate in the Montparnasse Cemetery (on location in Paris)

75: Releasing Kemp's Ridley Turtles (on location in Todos Santos, Mexico)

74: The Notre Dame Street Cleaner (on location in Paris, France)

65: Fontaine de Stravinsky (on location in Paris, France)

58: Carousel near Sacré Coeur, Montmartre (on location in Paris, France)

52: A Montmartre Busker (on location in Paris, France)

51: The Busking Drummer of Montmartre (on location in Paris, France)

50: A Didjeridu Busker Entertains (on location by Notre Dame, Paris, France)

49: Breaking up a Swiss Cow Fight (on location at Tracouet, Switzerland)

10: Malta Votes on Joining the EU in 2003

Family & Friends

308: Shelling Peas (a reminiscence with Albert Garand of Hancock, New Hampshire)

270: Smithtown's first same-sex marriage license issued for JWGrum

187: See The Turkey? (with Louise Garand on location in Hancock, New Hampshire)

186: A Quilt she made on Martha's Vineyard when 11 years old (with Louise Garand)

169: The Barber of Riedikon: George Meyer

157: I wanna be cold (on location with Peter Meyer at Yoko Ono's Wish Tree in Washington, D.C.)

111: Tricky Dunes (on location with Timothy Meyer in Montauk, Long Island)

108: Fishing for Sunglasses (on location in Washington D.C. with Peter Meyer)

107: Did you see that really bright one? (on location with Peter Meyer in Washington D.C.)

106: The intrepid asparagus hunters (on location with René and Bernard Carvell in Slingsby, England)

105: The Discarded Glove (on location with René and Bernard Carvell in Slingsby, England)

95: The Prime of JWGrum — New Tricks for Old Queers (with John and René)

89: Appreciating Montreux Honesty (on location in Switzerland with John Wm Garand)

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